Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Teriffic Tuesday

The Alaska Chronicles - Day and Day

My oldest son and I arrived in Anchorage, Alaska at 5 pm.

It was sunny and bright. Each day we went to bed around 10 pm.

It was still bright.

I usually awoke around 5am. It was bright at 5 am.

I never saw darkness.

Alaska is one of the places that can have extremely long daylight hours.

It can also have extremely long hours of darkness.

It reminded me of life.

There are some seasons when everything is bright.

It looks good, it feels good and things just seem to work.

Sometimes such seasons extend for years.

And then... the season changes.

We then wonder:

When will I see the light?

When will it end?

When will I get a break?

Why aren't my prayers answered?

Where is God?

Sometimes you've got to understand where you are and which season you are in.

Sometimes you have to understand that darkness endures for a season.

It's a part of the necessary cycle.

But remember no matter how long the darkness endures,

the son will come again.

While the earth remaineth,

seed time and harvest,

and cold andheat,

and summer and winter,

and day and night shall not cease.

(Gen 8:22 KJV)

You've got to know the season.

You got to know the Son

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