Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, Another Day The Lord Has Given

Well yesterday was the beginning of a new week, and what a wonderful day it was, I hope you all had a great mothers day, and lots of love and family around you.
But today is a new day, a new day to do new things, yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come, but we have now, we have today. What will you do with this day God has given you breath for? Will you be self indulgent, or find yourself spreading the gospel to every one you meet, the choice is yours, and I so pray that you make the wise choice this day.
I have a ladies ministry online, a message board, that is strickly KJV Independent Fundamental Baptist ladies, we have a prayer chat on Monday's at 11 am, and we find our self praying for so many all over the world, if you have a prayer request just list it here, we will be glad to bring your name and your request before the lord.
I hope you have a blessed day, remember Jesus love you, when all else fails, he never will.

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