Saturday, August 1, 2009


This is so easy to do, such a good craft project for you and your friends.
Type up this poem that is on the photo above, cut the whole in the bottom to show your photo of your child, then give them some finger paints, and let them put their hand prints on each side of the photo, as seen in the picture above, this is my grandson, and I have one of my granddaughter in pink. It is a picture worth a thousand words for sure, and it hangs proudly on my study wall.
Buy a cheap frame, and paint it in the pink or blue, give your parents this as a gift or just to have for your self when your child grows up. it is fun, it is inexpensive, and it a precious gift.

The Poem that is written, in case you cannot read it well enough in the photo;

You always clean the finger prints;
I leave upon the wall.
I seem to make a mess of things;
because I am so small.
The years will pass so quickly
I'll soon be grown like you;
and all my little fingerprints,
will surely fade from view.
So heres a special handprint
and picture of me too;
So you'll recall the very day,
I made it just for you.

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