Monday, November 30, 2009



I thought maybe you would enjoy looking at some old photos, this is my family when our youngest was just 4, then here is one in 1998.  Big change huh, we all have put on a few pounds and gotten a few wrinkles.

But God has been very good to my family, my youngest son almost lost his life a few weeks before this photo was taken, he was in a car crash and it all but took the whole top of his head off, he had over 100 staples in his head, and the doctor told us it was a miracle, well we knew that, most cases like his there is severe brain damage, he had none, I could picture in my mind God putting his hand over his brain and protecting it. Our God is awesome, he cares for his children and keeps them under his wing, and when we heard that he had been in such a horrific accident, and we were called to his side for the last few minutes, our hearts went numb,. our knees folded under us, then right beside our bed we prayed that God's will be done, and to do what he thinks is right in the case of our son, well by the time we arrived at the hospital where he was, for he was in another state than we live in, he was already out of surgery and able to speak, my husband told him you know God's hand of protection was surely on you, and he kinda grinned sideways and said, I know daddy, he took care of me again.  I am not sure why I have posted this today, but felt a need to do so, perhaps some one is going through a tough time now, and really needs to look to God for their answers, he has then all you know, just ask and he will reveal it to you, seek and you will find, knock and he will open the doors of understanding to you.
Be blessed my reading friends, and as we enter into this Holiday season, let us all look to the Lord Jesus Christ for all our answers, and for those of us who have huge problems Jesus still has all the answers, and he let him lead you and guide you through this season that is to celebrate his birth. God bless you real good.  Have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas, give Christ his rightful place as we celebrate his birth.


Sandra said...

I love looking at old pictures. Thanks for posting these!

AnnaS said...

Praise the Lord for your family! what a blessing.

Grammy Blick said...

It's always the right time to reflect on His blessings, mercy and grace. He'll use this for the right person at the right time. Another blessing!