Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Matthew 6:11 "Give us this day our daily bread"

God is so good to us, he provides us with our daily needs, and then pours us out a blessing besides
pressed down over flowing, I always stand amazed how he works, and how he sends our blessing
through others, God bless those who follow his leading give unmeasured and with out wanting something in return.
I baked this bread yesterday, and it used the recipe Sandra had posted on her site, it is just perfect and tastes like what you would expect bread to taste like.
Today is (Tremendous Tuesday)  the sun is shining in my computer room window, and I do not need the light on even, ever so bright, going to a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

The rain yesterday washed away pollen and everything looks so clean and pretty today, even though many of our trees are still bare and looks more like sticks than trees, I an anxious for Spring to come when all the new leaves start budding, and the new growth comes, and it will be CHICKEN time too, heehee. Planting time also.
So do have a great day...Oh I had a blessing,  about 8:30 last night the phone rang and a couple we know wanted to know if we were gonna be home, of course we were so they come over, Praise God they had just butchered a cow, and brought us a  lot of meat,  I hardly had room for it, and little Jerry had brought some more sausage over Saturday so God has filled our freezer and we are set for a while for sure.. Praise God and thanking him for his merciful hand upon us. Yes he does give us daily our daily bread, and he adds to that bread meat, potatoes, veggies, and fruits, oh my what gracious father we serve, let us never take this for granted but to always give him the glory, for everything he does in our life.
Have wonderfully blessed tremendous tuesday my friends.

♥In his precious love, Barbara♥



Sandra said...

Those little blessings remind us that God knows just where we are, even way out in the woods like you are! Your bread looks just beautiful. I'm making some today to go with our supper tonight.

Sharon said...

Yes, God always provides and keeps His Promises. I love seeing His Work!!!! I've got to get back into trying to make bread again. One of these days I'll hit on just the right recipe that my hubby will like. :)

Barbara said...

It is so much better than boughten, and it really is not that much work.. Love that french bread recipe Sandra, and Love you.

Aliene said...

Barbara, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm not sure where you live in Georgia but we have had Bro.Randy Sutherland from Calhoun, Ga. at church several times. He always tries to come to our campmeeting starting Fathers day
through Thursday every year. Talking about shouting Baptist!
We have services where the Holy Spirit just takes over and no one wants to go home. Of course, The Spirit moves in different ways, but I feel so honored to be a part of the FBC in Livingston, La. We have a wonderful pastor and family that we love dearly. We live about 30 minutes from Baton Rouge. But the church is about 8 miles out in the country. The Lord has blessed and we are fixing to have to enlarge. To God be the glory! We stand in amazement how
how everyone works together. Every preacher that comes says for us not to take our church for granted. They tell us you don't find what the Lord has blessed us with in most churches. I am bragging on Jesus for we can do nothing without Him. If you go to
fundamentalbc.com you can see the
church and staff etc.

By the way, your bread looked delicious. i need to get back into baking different breads.

Have a blessed week! Didn't mean to write a letter but when I find a kindred spirit the words seem toflow.

Cathy said...

I loved that sweet post, thank you. And thank you for visiting my music website and listening to the music. Blessings ~

Peggy said...

Blessings Barbara...Saw your comment at Cathy's and came to meet you! Love that bread and your thoughts! So thankful to Our Provider and will never take it for granted! Praise God!

Just wanted to suggest that you link this up for Word Filled Wednesday...it's perfect.
Cathy does them and will have the link tonight or tomorrow when she posts, so will I...I think mine is scheduled to post at 8pm.

Picket said...

Morning girl....ohhh you need a scratch and sniff for that bread!!!! lol it looks so good! Loved reading the testiomy of God's blessings in your life..thank you so much for coming by and those rooster napkin rings are fantastic!!!! lol You said it is almost 'chicken' time...does that mean you have 'real' chickens!!!! Ohhhhh my word if you do I am so jealous!!!! lol I adore real chickens especially an old fat dominicker (sp) with her little black baby dodies runing around and her clucking softly to them....brings back such precious memories for me of my grandmother...ok enough of that or I will need a hankie...thanks again gril for coming by...please come by anytime and I hope you have a glorious week filled with blessings beyond anything you could think or imagine...~Picket~

Barbara said...

Yes indeed Picket, going to be getting real ones, love them deep orange yokes and thick whites, very tired of the watery ones we buy.. Love the chickens, had them before, and something ate them all, now he is building a enclosed pen for them this time.

Susan said...

Great word Barbara!

So nice to meet you.

Thanks so much for joining us this WFW♥

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

Ah, fresh bread. Indeed needed daily. thanks!

Dee said...

Hi Barbara, I am thankful that the Lord has always provided for me and for my family. I am looking forward to some sun shine in my window...but happy for you that you have it. :) Your bread looks yummy. I dare not learn to make it....as it is my one great temptation.

Anonymous said...

Amen! And, that bread looks sooo good too!

Nic said...

God is so good to us, he provides us with our daily needs, and then pours us out a blessing besides pressed down over flowing...

And how! My family has certainly been the recipients of God's grace as we've really needed it these past several months! A great reminder for all!

Maxine said...

Oh that bread looks good! Yes, He does provide, in so many words. What a blessing that was for you to receive all that meat. A blessed WFW to you.

Amydeanne said...

happy WFW B!

Ozjane said...

Lovely....I can remember how we longed as children over that smell of fresh bread. May be long just as much for the bread of life.