Saturday, February 20, 2010

WOW, that means this day is a very snappy day, lol love it.

We are going down to Big J today, for my youngest great grandson first birthday party, and going to stop by the Country store where I bought my Camoflauge sofa to see if they have any rooster napkin rings and napkings, I set this beautiful table and no nice napkin rings, and I do not like using paper napkins when having company, so I NEED them rings, I have priced them online and WOW I can buy the whole rooster for less than the rings cost, giggles, but they do not sit well on a dinner table.

So that is my plan for today, what is yours, are you going any where, or doing anything special today, God bless you my precious friends, and please pray for traveling mercy today as we go to Florida, and back.  Love Y'all and will see you later.


A Joyful Chaos said...

Hope your trip to Florida will be great!

Love the picture on the top of your post!

Barbara said...

Thank you sweetie and thank you for stopping by my blog, stop by any time, and we had a wonderful day in Florida, fun with family and friends.