Monday, April 12, 2010

It Is A Marvellous Monday

Well here it is Monday, after a long weekend, and being so busy it is time to take it easy today, but, my house looks like a tornado hit it, and I have so much to do I will not get much rest today. Chuck my dear husband, bought a weed eater Friday, and when using it, it caught fire so he has to take it back today and see about getting another one in its place, so that will break up our day too.  Maybe we will eat a bite out today too, I do like eating out, but not sure if we will or not, have to check with the boss.

We had a wonderful day in church yesterday, the preaching was so good, and we are getting to know the folks there, we have a fun mixed SS class, and I am enjoying that, being with my honey is so rare, either he is teaching or I am, so enjoying our time together for now.
We have been praying about joining this church, he really preaches the word, the music is right from the hymnals, the fellowship is so good, and we have gotten to meet some new folks, and even reunite with some we knew. So after much prayer and seeking God's will for our life at this time, We joined First Avenue Baptist Church in Hillard Florida yesterday. I feel better being a member again, and having our own church to worship in, we have been trying so many, and just never felt led to join any of them, but this one is home, we felt like we had come home right off, but wanted to make sure this was where God wanted us, we always want to be in his will, and where he wants us to serve, so I am a happy camper now.
So I hope your weekend was as blessed as mine, and that your Monday will be just Marvellous..


Terri said...

Good morning Barbara! I'm glad you found a new church home. I'm always exhausted on Mondays so today has been a slow one.

Sandy said...

Hi Barbara, sounds like you
have a busy day ahead. Glad
you feel you found the church
where the Lord wants you and
your hubby to be. That's so
important. Hope you get to
enjoy a nice lunch with your
husband today!
God bless you,

Aliene said...

Hello! I am so glad you found a good church. We also searched for awhile and the Lord led us to Fundamental Baptist in Livingston,La.
The sweet Holy Spirit was there in a special way last night. He just blesses and blesses. I think it is because we have a Pastor that is tops. He wan't take any credit, but good leadership is essential.
I would e-mail you if I had your address. Mine is
If you feel like sending me a note, but if you prefer not to that will be ok too. Have a blessed day!

Theresa said...

Well, congratulations on finding a Church to call home! It is a wonderful feeling. I am a member of a Church that I went to as a child. Both my Parent's funerals were there and 2 of my Sisters and their families go there too. I have friends there that I went to High School with a ton of years ago. Happy to hear that you had a blessed Sunday:) and sorry about the weed eater:( Hugs my friend!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Barbara, so glad you came by and thank you so much for having me on your blog roll! Finding a church home is so good, glad that God led you to the right place! Hope you have a wonderful week,
hugs and blessings,

Dee said...

I am sluggish today. Monday is usually my cleaning day...but I am breaking the mold and making it my nap day. So happy to read you found a church home. I am not a member of the church I attend because I am in limbo as to how long I will be living in this area. I feel a little disconnected not being a member, even though it is a lovely and frindly church that serves the Lord with zeal.

tea said...

I'm so glad you were able to find a church you feel called to. That is wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I appreciated your sweet comment and I hope you will stop by again!! :)