Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Laid Back Saturday

Waving at you after a very uneventful day...It has been a very restful and peaceful day, I love those kind.
It seemed everything I went to went smooth and easy, yeahhhhhhhhhh!! I am feeling some better, and my leg is not paining me as it was.
I did get quite a bit accomplished today too, I cleaned and scoured the bathroom good today, washing all the little throw rugs, mats and covers. So it is all sparkling and smells good.
I vacuumed and cleaned the living room too, way too much dust to be breathing in, lol then I got some more eggs, the chickens are laying good now, and I am so happy they are, been a while since we got them and I was fearful that the episode at first would harm them in some way, but all seems good, and they are very fat and happy hens now.
I used Sandra's pizza recipe and my dear hubby made a home made Pizza for supper, it was real good, and he did a superb job on it, thanks Sandra for that easy and good recipe.

I am really looking forward to church tomorrow, it seems a long time since Wednesday, but same as every week, perhaps it is because I have been under the weather, and now feeling better. All of you who have been praying for me,. thank you, it has helped so much. God bless you and have wonderful Lord's day.
Lots of Hugs, Barbara


Jan said...

I was reading about your uneventful day, and I was so pleased for you, thinking of you relaxing, perhaps reading a book in the garden, then you mentioned all that cleaning sounds like a big day to me!! Glad you leg much better and the pizza sounds great, especially when you didn't have to make it yourself. I love the way you share your everyday life.
We had church early today, 8am instead of 10am so that those that wanted to could attend the ANZAC march and service down town.
Blessings and Hugs.

Sandy said...

So glad you're feeling better,
Barbara. The Lord certainly
gave you sufficient strength to
do all your housework, didn't
He? That's wonderful. Hope the
remainder of your weekend is
equally enjoyable, and as you
said, laid back.
God's best,

Tanya said...

VERY sorry to hear about your physical pain you are enduring...I will pray for your leg to be better. Your constant faith and positive attitude is so encouraging to read. I'm so happy to hear you had a "restful and peaceful" day. I'm afraid mine was the opposite...very busy and no resting...but to read yours was good for me. Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and I intend to focus on that and not on the go go go that takes up so many of the days. Thank you for sharing your "calm" today. God bless you and enjoy your day tomorrow.

Amaria said...

Waving back!
I'm glad to hear your leg is on the mend.
I had to smile at the "housework" bit, too- that isn't usually included in what I call a laid back day!

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Hi Barbara,
I just found your blog yesterday...
from a friend of a friends following blog list...
I enjoyed reading your blog.
Thanks for stopping by
Mommy1 and my blog.
Take care,
Mommy 2
P.S. I will post pictures of the flowers when they bloom.
I use to live in Houston...we had an azalea bush. I don't think I could grow one very well outside here.

Dee said...

Glad you are doing better...isn't it wonderful having blogger friends praying for and with you!

Barbara said...

Thank you so very much for all the prayers ladies, I so appreciate them, and God heard, and I am feeling better, my leg seems to be getting better daily. Hugs and thanks again.
Love you bunches, Barbara

Papercrafter said...

Glad that you like the gift. I thought you would. I love to do little surprises like that. They are more fun then if you give for a birthday or other special occasion. One of the churches I used to go to, we had secret sisters. That was so much fun, to give gifts and/or cards during the month and the person receiving them didn't know who they came from. After 6 months we had a party and revealed ourselves to the person we were giving gifts too. Then we chose new names and information (secretly) for the next 6months. No one at this church seems to want to do this, so I will just give as I want, when I find something special for a special person. Love ya, sister. HUGS