Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well praise God,  I am thankful for this wonderful photo I was able to get yesterday, I looked out my front door, and this gorgeous butterfly was fluttering around, he finally lit and was still, I had camera in hand and clicked, for onceit was handy. I missed a good shot of our woodpecker the other day not having my camera handy.  I love the wildlife, and photo it every chance I do get.

I am so thankful for all the beauty that God has given us, he paid such detail to every one of his creations, it is just so beautiful, no artist can ever copy the beauty God has put in it. I have seen many paintings, and yet they just cannot get that perfect object like God did. He give it all for us to see, and to enjoy, I am so very thankful for eyes to see all this wonderful beauty, I remember a time I looked through a cloudy lens, and it all was fuzzy, and blurred, but thank God I am have wonderful vision now, and can see every little detail. I am  so thankful for that day he died on the cross for me, he fulfilled every jot and tittle the Father ask of him, What wonderful obedience he has, if only we would obey God as Christ did, just give him our all, and let him lead our days, and live for him. Not worrying about what others may think, or do, but just doing as God ask. He loved me so much he prepared a place in heaven for me to go to when I die. I love John chapter 14, the whole chapter, I am not going to write it all out, but when you have time, ponder on this chapter, and see just how much Jesus really loves us.  He sure deserves our thanks and our praise, I give him my praise today, and everyday as along as I may live.

Have a wonderful Thankful Thursday, and share with us what you are thankful for.

Hugs and prayers, Barbara


Sandy said...

Oh, Barbara...I do so love what
you wrote today! You're right,
no artist, no photograph,
nothing can truly capture the
work of Father's hand. The
butterfly is simply gorgeous!
This butterfly (the name just
escapes me) is my favorite for
the beautiful way the powder
blue enhances that velvet black.
All of the Lord's creation is
awesome! Thanks for such an
uplifting word today.

Dana said...

Beautiful post.

Angie said...

Barbara--thank you for your kind comment on my LWG post--
When I popped over here and started reading, my heart seemed to melt at the word "obedience".

God has used YOU today to speak a message to my heart!

Thank you for YOUR obedience!

Barbara said...

Amen thank you dear ladies for responding, and Angie, obedience is the root of it all. Hugs my new friend, and have a very blessed day.

April said...

What a beautiful post to go along with the beautiful picture you captured. Thank you for sharing. :)

Karen said...

Great picture of one of the magnificent creations of our Father God...

Enjoyed your devotion....

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Barbara, when I started blogging, I in my wildest dreams never thought I would be blessed like I have been. Thanks for sharing this with us today. I am on my way outside to take in some of the beauty that only our Father could have made!

Sharon said...

I loved this post! We love taking pictures of God's beautiful creations too. That's wonderful that you can now see clearly. At my last eye appointment the Dr told me I already have cataracts starting and that I was younger than most who get them. Things haven't gotten too cloudy yet, but sometimes when I look out and it's hazy, I start to panic, but then realize that my glasses are dirty or it's just a hazy day. LOL!

Jan said...

I so agree that the beauty God has given us cannot be replicated by man. Thanks for sharing the butterfly, I just realised I hardly ever see one. I am trying to remember my camera more often too.
Yes one of the secrets of contentment is not worrying about what others think, but just that it is between my Lord and I.
Our anniversary is September too, and wonderful to hear of your 50 years of marriage.
Richest Blessings.

Denise said...

Very lovely post.

Ozjane said...

Lovely photo indeed.

Samantha said...

Lovely picture and post my dear friend !

Tanya said...

A great post today as always...I try to do Thankful I'll share that post with you...come visit. Thank you for your eloquent words today...they were lovely. Have a great Friday in Georgia...Kansas may get a little rain. That will be nice.