Monday, May 3, 2010

~ The Beauty These Eyes Have Seen ~

I have been lazy today, sitting out on the porch this morning, sipping my coffee and enjoying the sweetness of God's creation. The birds singing, the chickens clucking, the sound of the rooster in the wind, I can even hear the creek flowing, I just marvel at how God created us to hear, and see, touch and smell, and taste, oh my the senses he has given are so remarkable, have you ever just thought about this?

WOW..what if we could not see all this beauty, or smell the wonderful scents of home made bread baking, or even fish frying, and then to taste them, oh me. Then what if we could not touch and know things were hot or cold, or if things picked us, like cactus, or cut us like broken glass, what if we could not hear the bird singing, oh my what a dull and dangerous life we would live, wow my ramblings are taking over this morning, please be patient with me. I have found when I am rambling there is someone who needs what I ramble about, lol.
Now what if we could not hear our baby cry in the night when they need feeding or changing, have you ever thought of the marvelous detail our heavenly Father put into our creation?

Another sense God put in us, is the feelings of our heart, what if we did not feel compassion, or fear, or love, or pity, we would be just like robots, nothing effecting us in any way, well I am glad for all the ways God has put us together, and to think we are made in his image, now we look in the mirror and see our image, so, when we look do we see God in us? We need to see something different in us that sets us apart from those who do not have God living in them.

We need to be a shining light to this dark world around us. Everyone says God looks on the inside, this is so true, but, man cannot see our inside, so they look on the outside and try to see what we are made of, who we are, and what we stand for. We need to have the genuine feelings that we care about people and their feelings, and how we can make them feel better. We need to be separated, we need to be a peculiar people as God put it, we need to look different, so many Christians are striving to look like the world that they get lost in the world, our goal should be to look like God, our creator, to be like Christ our Saviour, and to live like we have the Holy Spirit living in us. Oh God help us to be more like thee, to have more compassion on others, to feel the pain they feel, and to be able to help them in some way. To live my life unto the lord, to be more like him.

Thanks for listening to all my ramblings today, and hope you have a wonderful week ahead, and that you will think about the things I have said here today too.

Be blessed, but better be a blessing ♥ Barbara


Playing Sublimely said...

Nice to meet you!

Rose said...

Barbara, thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to getting to know you.
I agree to with your post and especially to being a light in the darkness! Have a blessed day.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Hey Barbara - great post today. I am glad that you stopped in my place and look forward to more wonderful posts on your blog.

God is truly amazing - He is mighty and powerful and Creator. We serve an awesome GOd!

Barbara said...

Thank you all my new friends, and stop by often and stay long, the tea is always iced, and the fellowship is always sweet. Hugs

Debbie said...

Hi Barbara! It is so very nice to meet you. I enjoyed your thoughts today soo much. Some of these things I have thought on and dwelled over before, but I hadn't really thought before how dull the world would be if He hadn't made us with all the "feelings" that we have. Our love and compassion for others comes right from Him. Hope you have a wonderful day and I look forward to visiting in the future. BLESSINGS

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,
It was so nice of you to visit us at Faded Ladies. Rose and I share that particular site and we are always blessed to meet and get to know new ladies.
I enjoyed your post and your beautiful photo and agree with being a light in the darkness.

Lynda Young said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a warm message.

I love the photo on your post and of course I love your message. As you know, it's the theme of my post for this week :)

I'm always surprised when God tells me something and then reinforces it in lots of other places. Don't know why this should surprise me, but it does :)

Grammy Blick said...

Rambling is good!!

Tanya said...

HI Barbara,
That was such a wonderful post...I love it. You grabbed me with "sitting on the porch"...I have felt so crazed and hurried and rushed and all lately that reading this was comfort to my mind, heart, soul. Peaceful. Thank you...your ability to breathe in what we should is inspiring to me.

Jan said...

I don't think that is lazy to sit peacefully outside and drink in all the beauty around us!..... and just think what a lovely post you wrote after that.
Love and Blessings - Jan

Papercrafter said...

This was delicious. I was one of the lucky one to get to not only try it, but to take a piece home. All the food was good, but I really look forward to the desserts. I don't want to miss out on great treats like this one. Thank Dear Sister. HUGS

Carissa said...

Wonderful post and a lovely picture!