Saturday, May 22, 2010

Simple Joys Saturday

Hi I hope your Day is a laid back simple one, living the good life, mine will be, we are going to pick blueberries in a little while, so should have enough to freeze for all year, I am thinking probably the 5 gallon bucket should do it, have any of you picked blueberries? I have never, that I remember any how, but looking for ward to it.  I have 3 blueberry bushes now, and they are loaded, but still small bushes so will only get about a quart I am thinking, unless they keep reproducing but I do not think they do.
I have been out and watered and fed the hens already, and need to get fresh hay when I get back, but for now am doing what I need to online.

I took some photos of my new pots and pans so here they are. I packed all my other ones in the box these came from and going to save them, they are still usable, some one may need them. I also got all new non stick utensils with them so happy for that also, packing it all up.

This is the bottom, it has a heat sensor in them for even heating.

Pool is up now too, going to enjoy very soon when the water warms more.

Welcome to Papa and Nana's nest, this sign is on my back porch and very applicable for mother hen don't ya think?

So my dear friends I hope what ever you do or where ever you go, you enjoy life, and show that light that shines in each of us Christian women. Have a very blessed and Simple Saturday.

Lots of Hugs Mother Hen aka Barbara


Karen said...

I have one of those Nana and Poppa signs hanging in my kitchen...

Love blueberries...never have picked them, but I have picked blackberries...

Great simple joys, Barbara!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned out. Enjoy every minute of it and have a great week end!!!


Kelle said...

WOW! I won't say I'm envious but those blueberries are wonderful. That is one fruit we can't grow here in MT( I've tried as have several other friends), our winters are just to cold and they winterkill. So instead we grwo a substitute berry called Garden Huckleberry( Chichiquelite), which grow very well and even reseed themselves for the next year( they could get out of control quickly) They aren't exactly like Blueberries but make a good substitute in muffins and pancakes*wink*

Love the sigh, that it to.... cute.
Our cool weather and rain has finally arrived, so we'll be baking bread, cleaning house and rearranging some rooms( always gives a fresh look :o) )
Blessings for your weekend,

NanaNor's said...

Happy Saturday, I love blueberries but have never picked them-so I am jealous 8-)
I also have a Nana and Papa sign too. Have fun this weekend.
Hugs, Noreen

Dee said...

Pick some for me. :) Have a blessed weekend. Dee

Carrie said...

ooooh! new pots and pans!!!!! AWESOME! that would bring me a lot of joy too!

Laurie said...

Picking blueberries sounds delicious! I, too, am from MT and so we do get huckleberries, although they grow in the western part of the state and we are more east and do not grow them. I love the Nana/Papa sign - I made one a few years ago that says "CampNanaPapa" for the bedroom our grandchildren stay in when they come over. It was a joy to visit your blog - enjoy your simple joys this weekend!

Barbara said...

Oh thank you for stopping by, you made my day, hope you enjoyed it here, stop by often and please leave a comment and let me know you been here. Today I am following in Jan's lead having the SImple Joys Saturday, it is fun, and we get to meet lots of new bloggers too, I just love this blogging, it is in my blood now.
Hugs and oh yeah we got some wonderful blueberry's about 7 gallons of them, I have them all put in the freezer, so should have enough to last til next year at this time. Love your Pansies Nana, and mine are gone now, just too hot here. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Lots of Hugs, Barbara♥

Jan said...

It is always exciting to come online first thing in the morning and see the posts from my friends on the other side of the world,it is 6am Sunday here, still Saturday there. Thank you for joining in, and I love your post. It has been a joyful week for you.
It is too hot for berries here... they come in little punnets, 125grams, for big money at the supermarket....5 gallon bucket.... amazing, what a blessing.
Love and hugs for a simple joy filled week.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I love to pick blueberries. My Dad has his own bushes and we pick there. Love your sign too. So cute!! Have a great weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

Joyful said...

I love the red pots and pans. I have a beautiful kitchen aid dutch oven which is a lovely red too and a George Foreman grill in the colour. It is such a happy colour, don't you think? I love blueberries but haven't picked any. My guess is that your bushes will reproduce but even if they don't once your bushes grow you will have more than enough berries and can make jam and syrup and still have some left over for muffins and pancakes, etc. Yum!

Camille said...

What a sweet post! How fun that you have a pool! AND enjoy your new pots...lots of cooking in the days ahead it looks like! ;-)


Melanie said...

Hi, Barbara! So happy to meet you... so glad you stopped by my blog this week for Thankful Thursday!

Love this post... living a simple, enjoyable life for God!