Friday, May 28, 2010

Fabulous Foto Friday

The wild Boar they killed out back, made lots of good sausage

This Is Our Fabulous Osprey, he is simply beautiful and is such a joy to watch.
There is nothing like living in the Country, and seeing all the wildlife that is here. Each day there is some new creature I see, I thank God for my senses to see and hear and all the wonderful things his hand has created.

Our Creek in all her glory, with a white Heron sitting faithfully by, just waiting for the little shrimps and minnows to come by.
Huge Rattle Snake, with a squirrel inside
We have painted this table red, needs another coat, he has one chair green, want yellow, blue and
it is out by the pool so will look nice all different colors, I think, I am really getting bright in my old
age. Lots of hugs to all, have a great weekend.  Hugs, and blessings, Barbara



Sharon said...

I really enjoyed your photos today. There was one that really freaked me out and that was the snake. I hate those things.
Have a blessed weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh My gosh,thats a long snake

Barbara said...

Yes and it is not the biggest I have seen out our way either, we painted that red table, and going to paint each chair a different color too. Hugs and thanks for stopping by.

Karen said...

I would take the country life over the city life any day...although reptiles are my least favorite species...snakes especially....

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Hi Barbara,
I think I prefer the bears, mountain lions and wolves that we have in our area. Than wild pigs and huge snakes.
WE do have regular sized rattlesnakes around, but not too near. We even have osprey.
Take care,
P.S. Your table is pretty.

Jan said...

Great photos, and so special to see an Osprey on the ground... something I have never seen.
Have a lovely weekend.
Blessings - Jan

Sandra Henderson said...

Barbara~! You beat me in the wildlife dept this week! WOW! :)
That's amazing! I'm glad you pointed out the heron, so beautiful. I'm so happy to see ya'll make sausage out of the hog. Sure wish you could get some of ours..... Those are just super. Thanks for sharing! yOu've got your own paradise and can still get in the car and go to the store, post office and church! PERFECT! :)

Linda said...

Hi Babara,
Good to meet you here!!
Have a good weekend!! Do drop by my blogs-Simple Womans Daybook and Days Touched By Grace.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What a gorgeous osprey. But I hate snakes, so I did not like that picture. Glad it was a dead snake, anyway!!! Country life is wonderful. Have a great holiday weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

Kateri said...

Yikes! That snake is really scary! Love the bird photos though. I've never seen a osprey, though I am pretty certain I saw one of their nests on my recent trip back east.

Camille said...

Oh.Dear.Me.!! Look at that boar! AND the snake!! What a great spot you live in! My boys would enjoy exploring around there...amazing! :)


Joanne@ Blessed... said...

So nice to meet you too!

I am going to have to show this picture of the huge rattler with the squirrel in its belly to my boys. Man oh man, would they think they'd won the jackpot if they found that one!