Friday, July 30, 2010

Simple Joys Saturday

We had such a fabulous day yesterday, we swam and floated around the pool all after noon. Just my hubby and I, it was very fun and so relaxing. We were floating around in the pool and I looked up this is what I saw.  I was not sure what this was, we debated if it were a humming bird nest, but wondered why the opening would be in the bottom, then thought may it was a wasp nest, well I went online today and there it was plain as my picture, it is a wasp nest indeed, so my husband is going to cut these branches back, and remove it,  sure would not be fun to be floating around in the pool and them all hatch and decide to sting us, lol oh me, I dread the very thought.

After swimming we decided to go for Pizza, we stopped and got the pizza then went to a Park in Brunswick, GA about a half hour from us, The sun was about setting, and it was beautiful on the water, so much cooler than when we were at home, We seen many and I mean many perhaps 30 at least, Dolphin's swimming around, there were schools of fish swimming, and they were where the fish were, the fish were not biting, but I do believe they were getting bitten, lol, the Dolphin's were all around them, I have been in and around the waters for so many years, and I have never seen the Dolphin's like those last evening, it was a thrill, and again I thought oh what beauty these eyes have seen, how much the lord has given for me to watch and enjoy, the beautiful sunsets, and the wonderful animals he has created, I am so thankful that God made us to enjoy our surroundings, and give us the wonderful gift of vision, smell, and touch, wow such senses, and how it makes life so very enjoyable, God sure is good, and he sure has been good to me.

This is our beautiful Goldie, she is part Retriver and part Shepherd, she is a wonderful dog, and such a sweet disposition she has, he and out little dog Zoie, she is Shih Tsu and very snippy at times too, lol glad the big dog is not.  We have lots of fun with our animals, chickens, and all our wild life too, it sure makes it a very Simply Joys Saturday. Have a very blessed day tomorrow in your services, and God bless each of you.



Miss Mustard Seed said...

I'm so sad to hear that you lost all of your antiques in a fire. I know I would be so sad if that happened. I'm pulling for you in my giveaway. That would be very special. :)

Barbara said...

Thank you dear I really appreciate that, yes I had all my moms, grandmas and such antiques, from trunks to chairs, I had an old cane chair that was gorgeous, oh well, guess the lord did not want me to have those things, he saved our lives so that was the important, although I sure would like some more, hugs my new friend and thank you for stopping by too.

Linda said...

Hi Barbara,
I am so sorry to hear of your fire and loss. As you say the Lord saved your lives-Amen!
Have a great weekend and enjoyed your post!

Anonymous said...

Relaxing in the pool and pizza sound like a great way to enjoy an evening. I can imagine it was wonderful to see the dolphins. I enjoy seeing your precious pets too. What heart-warming pics of man's/woman's best friends! May God bless.

Ruth said...

Hi Barbara, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me kind comment!

Sounds like you had great fun day..:) Love the pictures. Happy Weekend.

and i just became your new follower..:)

Underneath His Wrapping

Kathy in KY said...

Good Saturday evening, Barbara - I always enjoy your posts because they remind me to take the time to look at the blessings and favor God has bestowed on me, and to be so thankful for His guiding Hand in my life. And while reading your posts, I think of the simple things He has given me that I sometimes take for granted, so today I am reminded to be thankful to Him and His graciousness to me. Thanks for the reminder. Take care, my southern-sister - from KY.

sarah said...

Yep...that is a wasps nest. Sometimes it's good not to know what something is so you don't get scared. But that was great you could spend some time just relaxing. Have a great Sunday tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Re the GA peaches: I don't know where the farmers that were selling them on the town square got theirs but the are GOOD. I do know that the apple houses near Blue Ridge and Ellijay sell peaches this time of year. Here is a link

Laurie said...

I loved reading about the dolphins, Barbara! It would be such a thrill to see them someday. Your golden is beautiful; we have a golden, too, named Lucy. Zoie is adorable...don't we just love our pets? Have a wonderful Sunday worshipping the Lord!

Kateri said...

The evening on the water sounds so lovely...I've never seen dolphins. Sounds like they are beautiful.

BECKY said...

Hi Barb! I am right there with you, gal! I am always so amazed at the beauty God has filled the earth with for us to enjoy. Too bad so many people don't take the time to really enjoy it and thank Him.

I am so glad you found out that it was a wasp nest, and didn't get hurt.

Have a joyful Sunday sweetie!
You're such a delight!

Jan said...

Dear Barbara, I would so love to see this post linked to the Simple Joys was #12 this week.
You had such a great time in the pool, but a wasp nest is menacing, for sure.

It is always wonderful to see dolphins, I saw them regularly when we were on the boat.

Lovely to meet Goldie, a beautiful companion.

Have a Blessed week.
Hugs - Jan

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the pictures of your dogs, they're very cute! (o: