Saturday, July 10, 2010

*So Excited*

It is beastly hot here, still 96 at 6:30 PM .  I have been out watering all our plants, I have a lily blooming the first time since we moved it from Jacksonville, 13 years ago, go figure, I am going to take a photo it may be the only one I ever get, heehee, I had my driveway lined with them, dug them up and bought them here, I have them all over, but they have never bloomed here til now, so it will be a treat seeing them. My Chickens are loose in the large pen, fed and watered, and I have a load of white clothes almost done drying, been a busy bee. Been a pretty ordinary day here, what is it like in your neck of the woods, and how hot is it. So here are the photos I took earlier of my blooms, also I have lots of Cocks Combs coming up from seeds, really cool plants, with the fuzzy leaves on the, one of them is shown in that photo on my side by.

This is Hanging on our front door, it always reminds that love starts at home, we must treat our family with the same love and respect as we do our friends and acquaintances.
They are what God has given us, how can we not show them true unconditional love.
I think of times when my children were young,  and how I did not always give them a fair
chance in explaining, I just jumped to conclusion, this is wrong, if you children are
still home give them the opportunity to show you what is going on, then with wisdom and fair judgement weigh the situation. That is how our loving heavenly father does with us. We have a heavenly father above who cares for us with so much love here are a few words to Consider the Lilies, it really fits here. So let us be more like our heavenly Father, and love our own, remember love does start in the home.

We have a heavenly father above
With eyes full of mercy
And a heart full of love
He really cares when
Your head is bowed low
Consider the lilies
And then you will know

Father:A distinctive New Testament revelation is that through faith in Christ, God becomes our personal Father. Father is used of God in the Old Testament only 15 times while it is used of God 245 times in the New Testament. As a name of God, it stresses God’s loving care, provision, discipline, and the way we are to address God in prayer (Matt. 7:11; Jam. 1:17; Heb. 12:5-11; John 15:16; 16:23; Eph. 2:18; 3:15; 1 Thess. 3:11). I love the name Jehovah Jireh, he is my great provider, God is love. 1 John 4:8


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Toasty warm in our neck of the woods also! The gardens are starting to bring forth all it's good stuff, which will keep me busy for the next few weeks!

Wanda..... said...

It's finally cooled down here after a night of heavy rain and a week of high humidity! It's all been good for the garden!

My mother used to grow cocks combs. I will watch for your lily photo!

Peggy said...

We didn't get our cooler weather yet. We did get a few drops of rain and several booms of thunder giving false hope of more. I have never heard of cocks combs. Will have to check it out. Have a blessed night

Karen said...

It's hot and humid in northern Georgia, too...was hoping for one of those isolated thunderstorms this evening...the ground is dry and cracking....

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Barbara, I thought when I read your title that you were excited because it's not as hot today... But--maybe the tiny bit of cooler weather hasn't gotten to you yet. We got 1/2 inch of rain last night --and it was a little cooler today and not as humid. Thanks be to God...

I'm excited for you about your lily.... Maybe this means that more of them will bloom now... I hope so... Ours have really been pretty this year---but we didn't move them... Hope all of yours will decide to bloom --if not this year, maybe next.

Have a great Sunday.

Valerie said...

Oh this is beautiful. Your plants and your post. It is so hot here too.

Anonymous said...

We got relief yesterday, when we got much-needed rain. Today was warm but lacked the humidity of the past week or so. Also there was a very nice breeze. Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same but without so much of a breeze.

Julie (Legacy Crafter) said...

how beauitfully spoken your words are. God is amazing and so is your post

A Gardner's Cottage said...

It is HOT here in our neck of the woods!!! I too, am excited about your lily blooming. Maybe the others will get the hint and start "showing off" ;)

Again, I just wanted to tell you that I appriciate your sweet words and hugs. We are walking through a trial here at the cottage. I know we are not walking alone! reading your posts and comments brings such a peace. Thank you!!!

Have a terrific week end!


BECKY said...

I know how exciting it is to have beautiful blooms popping up...what a joyful blessing from the Lord!! It is so easy to be wonderful with those outside of our home, isn't it? That is one point I have taught our girls.
I said that God isn't impressed with how you are with others if you can't be who He wants you to be with your family at home. So very true!

It is really hot here too, but I love it, Barb. Not so much when I am dressed up and going somewhere, but otherwise I have grown to really appreciate it in the last few years.

Hope your day is lovely!!
Hugs to you sweetie,

nannykim said...

It is around 92 here at 4 today. So when you day lily I think of day lilies but I didn't see a blooming one in your post....hmmmm.

Barbara said...

Nannykim they are not day lilies, not sure but some kind of lily, the red thing in the middle was the bloom starting to come out.

Big Fat Mama said...

Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom! I especially like when you said to give kids a fair chance at explaining themselves. I have found that when I ask my kids why they did something, they have a good answer that makes since from their view point.
Big Fat Mama

Deborah said...

Hi Barbara! It's been hot here too, but my lilies seem to love it. Hopefully sometime this week I can find time to post some pictures of my wild's been taken over by yarrow....not to mention weeds. It's either been raining, too hot or the mosquitoes are so bad I can't get out and work in the yard.

heartfelt living said...

Hi Barb,
Thanks for sharing your Avon memories with me.
It certainly has been hot here in the Northeast. Prety much like a heat wave! Our grass has turned brown...hopefully with a little rain it will be green again.
I'm so excited for you that your Lily has bloomed! What a fun and unexpected gift!
I hope you have a Blessed week.
PS I just love your door is so sweet!

Sheila Deeth said...

I love the name Jehovah Jireh too. We've got slightly cooler weather today. So much for my hopes that the weeds might die back. But some of those weeds are really far more beautiful than my feeble attempts to grow flowers. Perhaps I should thank God for providing color despite my un-green thumbs.

Jean Tuthill said...

Hot here in NE and so dry. Our lawns are all burned up and my garden is a mess of dried up sticks. I've been going out in the morning and pulling them all out. It looks pathetic. Oh well, we can't control the weathr now, can we?

Judy said...

It's hot in southeast Mississippi, too, Barbara. Oppressively. Most of our flowers are bloomed out...and our garden is spent. I actually look forward to God's air conditioning...winter.