Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Where to start, whew, I am so over joyed and filled up and very thankful for the friends that God has put in our path, I have been blessed by them all this week, our life seems like the hymn, "Showers of Blessings", and God just keep pouring it down on me.

Okay I am going to start with the photo I have used for my Thankful Thursday, that is material a dear friend of mine bought so I can make a apron out it, and she will not let me pay her for it, now is that sweet or what, she is such a giving woman, she give us a wonderful wood picnic table Monday, last night she brought us this fabulous swirl, it consists of sausage, and biscuit mix, roll it like a pumpkin roll and slice it in 1 slices, bake and it is the most wonderful breakfast you can ever put to your lips, I put two fresh eggs on top of my dear husbands this morning, I ate it like a piece of toast, it is out of this world good. So you getting an idea of this wonderful friend. That is was just a few blessings, Tuesday some friends took us out to lunch, after we ate dinner we stopped at Good Will , we got some really good deals, and when I went to check out my lady friend told the cashier, I have hers too, wow, just unreal, oh but that is not all yet, whewwwww... Had to stop give God a little praise and wipe a few tears back, now continuing, with our blessings from God, and how he works through people. When we got back to our friends home after lunch and a time of shopping, my husband and her husband were talking and the subject came up about push lawn mowers, Chuck's arms hurt when using the weed eater a lot, so he wanted a push lawn mower, well this brother said well come on I have some in my shed, you can have one. So he has the push mower now, and his wife asked what size suit do you wear brother Chuck, he did not know, giggles, so I said a 42 regular, she said well try this suit on, I bought it for my brother and it was too small, and she had bought it when on vacation so could not take it back. Well you guessed it fit him perfect, looked like it was made for it, still has the tags on it and the legs have never been hemmed. So my dh has a brand new suit, Bass dress shoes, a push lawn mower, a full tummy, and a blessed soul, we both have been overly and undeserving ways by our precious heavenly Father, God has just poured out his blessings on us this week like I have never seen, and all we have did is to do his will, and try to be obedient to him, this is the blessings he has poured out upon us, I am thinking about the verse in  Luke 6:38 "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again".

Find out just how much God has given you, and take what you need; the remainder is needed by others. There is always some one you can bless. Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier, for being with you. We have the God given ability to make others Happy, we should use this talent every chance we get, let us put others first, and it is amazing how you cannot out do God, he will not let you bless some one more than he blesses you, just no way can you out give him. When we give our all unto him, for his glory, he sure gives rewards and pours it out on us.

"You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give."

Amen and amen, Have a very Thankful Thursday, and may God bless you real good.



Peggy said...

Amen! What a wonderful post of thankfulness. God is so good and I just love reading your posts and feeling your love for him pour out in each word. Would say have a blessed day but know you already are. :)

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh I am rejoicing in all your wonderful blessings~manna from above.
I needed to hear this today!

Anonymous said...

AMEN! What a Great Blessing :)
Gotta take pic of hubby and you in yalls new clothes :)

Anonymous said...

:( Im having trouble signing up for your web page

Sharon said...

What a great post. I agree that GOD sure does out bless us.
You will have to show us hubby's new suit. What wonderful friends you have in your life.

Sandra Henderson said...

Praise GOD! I have goosebumps. You know, this is so wonderful! I think we all need recharging and your husband really does so much for so many, this is so nice that God gave this blessing to him. Now, he will wear this suit and his sermons will be even stronger with this blessing wrapping around him. incredible!
I'd love your recipe for this breakfast roll. Sounds great. I enjoy all of your recipes and reading your writings Mrs. Barbara. Thank you for what you do. I miss going to Goodwill! My favorite stores are junk stores and then these types.
Oh how wonderful this fabric!!!! HUGS!

HOPE said...

Praise the LORD Barbara!

I know how deserving YOU are of all these blessings just reading your many post. God knows. He puts in the heart of those THANKFUL for you to bless in return!

I've learned cannot out give GOD! He moves in so many ways to bless us back! It's awesome to partake of this goodness.

And just doing what you should because you want your quote says..of YOURSELF...simple things that yeild great reward. Knowing you helped others!

Rejoicing with you in your happy blessings of encouragement as well.

(thank you for your sweet comments!)

Karen said...

You did get drenched by showers of blessings from your friends! Thank you passing along the encouragement....

Kathy in KY said...

Thank you for your post, Miss Barbara. When God blesses us, He seems to do so overabundantly, and for that I am thankful also. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed your post today. To read of your joy in the Lord is a gift to me, and one I share with you. Thanks for sharing your faith with all of us. Take care, my southern-sister, from KY.

KKJD1 said...

Ain't God good! He knows our needs and supplies them one by one and even some we didn't need! What a wonderful blessing friends are.

Nana Jul said...

Is God Awesome or what?!
Makes me want to Dance!
Praising God with you!
Happy TT!

Denise said...

Such wonder filled blessings.

Deborah said...

Amen! God is so good!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What wonderful blessings! God is good. Love & blessings from NC!

Jan said...

What a great week you have had.... though I think every week is just as Blessed for you.
Hugs and Blessings

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Amen, Barbara.... Such a neat post to read. We all have so much to be thankful for...

Your Stargazer Lily which you asked about will come back next year. They bloom for about 2 weeks and then the green foliage eventually dries up. We leave the foliage until it totally dries up... The Lily will come back --and they do expand.


Barbara said...

Oh Betsy you made my day, I am so happy about that, looking forward to its bloom next year, should I cut it back now that it is all brown?

Nezzy said...

Your so right sista! We are surrounded by blessings...sometimes we just have to open our eyes to see 'em. It certainly has rained blessings upon ya.

Ya'll have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!!

tina said...

You are a very blessed woman indeed to have such great friends. I am betting it is due to you being a superb friend in return and for that I know your friend feels blessed as well! Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

Isn't it great to know that God is blessing us all the time. We have so much and he just gives us more and more. I love to read your blog and I don't comment that much but I do read all the time.

Thanks for being such an encouragement to me! So glad I found your blog
(smiles) Donna

Lynn said...


I hope everyone who is part of our TT crowd was able to read your post.

This is what living in a thankful way is all about. I love what you said about giving away what you don't need. Amen Girl.

I love your heart for the Lord. Amen. Happy TT. Hugs, Lynn

Goose Hill Farm said...

What a great post and such a wonderful blessing for your DH!

Hugs to you as well, my friend!


Jasmine said...

Rejoicing in all your wonderful blessings my dear friend.

You are so blessed indeed and love the fabric for the apron. So pretty.

Have a lovely weekend. xoxox

Kateri said...

OOh, love the fabric. That will make such a pretty apron.