Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Come Sit A Spell

Another Wednesday is here,  Please sit a bit with me, lets chat, and may I pour you a glass of tea?  Well praise God I live yet another day, my dear husband's birthday is tomorrow, he will be 69 years old, wow, he was 18 when we met, 19 when we married, and here he is 69, my word where has the time went to, in September we will celebrate our 50th anniversary, you know
I would not trade one day of that time with him for anything
this world has to offer.
We were kids when we married, I was barely 17 and he 19, of
course like all 17 year old I thought I knew it all, WOW such
a big awakening I had when I realized I did not know as much as I thought I did,  for instance...My first load of wash as a wife;
I wanted it to be clean and white and just perfect for my new
husband, he worked in a Steel Fabricating plant in Detroit at
that time, and he would come home very dirty, so of course I needed to pay special attention to his work clothes. I filled the wash tub (yeah I had a wringer washer) with lots of hot water, then added my clothes, then the soap, then poured lots of bleach all over his blue jeans, and work shirts, OH ME!!! Did I do that?  Yep I truly did, well needless to say I ruined all his work clothes, they all looked Ty-dyed, lol and that had not been invented yet, I wonder if they got that look from my laundry, perhaps I need to see if some one was peeking that day. ☺
So the young are not always as wise as they think they are, I have many tales I could tell about learning how to become a
woman, and how to be the wife my dear husband deserved, Now if you really want to learn, look in Proverbs chapter 31, God tells us in his word how to be a Godly wife, mother and woman.
I learned so much from his direction, once I was a Christian, I really began to live then, to see how important life really is, so on this wonderful Wednesday God has given to you, look at your life, I am sure if you are like me, there are improvements that can be made, take hold, and pray, and ask our Father in heaven to help you be the woman he created you to be. I so hope you have a wonderful day, and if you have time stop and read Proverbes 31, it will make your day.

The world uses physical and material measures to judge a person's worth.

Yet, the true measure of those we love and respect
is not counted by looks or possessions.
It is a combination of the quirky and the kind
and the uncommon way they do and say things
that make them unique and dear to us.

Thank you for spending this time with me, and letting me Ramble on, I love Reminiscing, don't you...♥

Hugs ♥ Blessings Photobucket


Out Back said...

HAPPY 69th BIRTHDAY to you dear husband. And a big CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 50years of marriage in September.

It is nice to read such a great post about your life. Had to laugh about the tie dyed washing, I think I may have done that at some point too.

I am so glad God has blessed you richly...

Best wishes to you,


BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Many happy returns of the day to your husband and congrats on your golden wedding anniversary.
Melbourne Daily Photo

Peggy said...

Love sharing your memories with you. Always a nice peaceful, happy, loving feeling when visiting you here in the blog neighborhood. Have a blessed day and tell hubby Happy Birthday!

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Barbara, What a sweet post. May your husband have a very blessed birthday!
I love Proverbs 31 too. It never fails to encourage me to persist in growing in godliness.

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, my goodness Barbara...I really enjoyed your post! Thank you so much for sharing with us and wish your husband a blessed and wonderful birthday!

Theresa said...

Yes, I just read Proverbs 31 this morning. Actually I have been reading it daily for the past couple of months. It is what I strive to be, by God's grace.
Happy Birthday to your husband. Hope you enjoy the celebration.
Thanks for the tea :)

Aliene said...

Oh yes, I cam relate to the washing. Except I had to use the bathtub and rub board for about a year and did not have a dryer until
my youngest was about 6 yrs old. Nothing like diapers double,flapping in the breeze. Then fold them as I took them off the line.

I know you will post on the day of your 5oth. that is a milestone. We will have 53 in November. Did I just say that? Sure did! I'm thankful for every year we have had together. Know you are too.
We are leaving early in the morning. Oh, the disciple was not Peter. Keep trying.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow----Happy Birthday to your hubby, Barbara. You all are so fortunate to have had so many wonderful years together... I think that is awesome.

I first got married to first hubby when we were almost 20. We were still in college... I remember ironing all of his white shirts (using starch) and making sure there was not one single wrinkle in them.... Gee--how time changed that!!!! ha ha

My parents were proud of me since I got married, graduated from college and had my first child BEFORE I was 21 yrs. old..... Talk about knowing nothing about raising children....I lived with Dr. Spock by my bed in those days.... ha ha

Congrats to both of you.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your husband! and early happy anniversary!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! Love the laundry story. I think we all have an "Early marriage" story to tell.

A Blessed Life said...

My first visit and I loved it!! Happy birthday to your lovely hubby.Praise God for the path he guides on on daily, for letting us find new friends and connecting with the lovely people in blogland. You have made my day special,I will be back for a smile. encouragment and a little bit of God.Carole xx

Sandra said...

And what a blessing and testimony y'all are to be married for 50 years!! ONLY God can do that!

Kateri said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. Congratulations on almost 50 years of marriage. What a beautiful thing that is. :)

Ruth said...

Hi Barbara /Mother Hen, Thank you for the sweet words you left me.

Happy Birthday to your Husband!!

agypsyangel said...

Well Happy Birthday to him.
That was a lovely post. I loved the washing story. My husband currently works at a steel plant. He was able to move from the plant to the office 2 years ago so he comes home clean :)
Happy Wednesday,

HOPE said...


How I laughed at your Tye dye invention!

My husband calls my first days of cooking the Fabulous 7 cause that was all I knew! so we ate it over and over and over again!

I too was married at just 19! soo young! Newly saved...but Praise the LORD we as you and your dear husband GREW together!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your husband and CONGRATULATIONS again..on your 50th..can't wait to see those SPECIAL PHOTOS of your special day!

Bless you with many more..

Jan said...

So many memories. A Blessed Happy Birthday to your man.
Always enjoyable and inspiring to read your post.
God Bless

sarah said...

Happy birthday to your husband....and it's great you guys have been together so long..

Karen said...

Happy birthday to your husband....

The bleach story is a good one...and I agree, we all have such stories to tell...