Monday, August 9, 2010

Marvellous and Sunny Monday

I am a busy bee, with the Revival, and visitation, and Sunday, WOW...for an old woman it gets alot for some one young probably would not seem like so much, been a busy week, and very blessed and productive week, we did not get home before 10 nightly during the revival,  and our Pastor preached last night out of Acts, where the man fell out of the window after Paul preaching so long, he preached one hour and 35 minutes, whew my hiney was hurting for sure, but it was good, and it was to prove a point, lol, and then we had lots of fellowship after so was late again last night, I slept until 8:45 today too, really unusual for me, but I needed it.

We had 10 precious souls all week, now if you are not shoutin' then your shouter is broken, it has been a glorious week, and I was sorry to see it come to an end. We will have a baptizing service next Sunday.

We are starting a Prayer vigil, every day, Pastor said, any day you can make it, come by our church and pray, if some one else is there than great you will have prayer partner, and some fellowship too, I think it is a wonderful idea, and God is really blessing our church, because of us, or because of the Pastor, NO It is all God, he is seeing a handful of praying and faithful folks who want to serve him; and he is blessing us for all our efforts, it is wonderful, and I hear of so many getting saved these days, it is like it was in the 70's again.  I really feel it is the last time God is going to pour his Holy Spirit out before he returns, AMEN I am so ready, I am tired and I am ready for heaven, Praise God and I say come quickly Lord Jesus Come quickly.
I hope you all had a blessed weekend and may it continue in your hearts all week.  
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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Barbara, I've caught up on your blog posts --since being gone several days. I'm so happy about your revival---and praise God that people came and gave their lives to God this past week.

Glad you had a great visit with your daughter also. I miss my sons --and seldom get to see them.


Aliene said...

Barbara, so glad you had good revival with souls saved. It just does something in your soul when the Lord stirs and people mind Him. We had no reaching last night. Pastor read his text and then said he felt like someone was there who needed to be saved. A young teen age boy who had never been before went forward.
Others went to the altar to pray.
God is so good.

Barbara said...

Amen, good to have you back Betsy I know you had a marvellous time, and Ailene we do that at times too, and those pray, and others give testimonies, just a good Holy Spirit service, love um just love um..Hugs to all

Kathy in KY said...

Hey Miss Barbara - your post made me think of the preacher I heard yesterday from video streaming from the Potter's House in Dallas TX where I "go to church" every Sunday. He was saying that God is using the downturn of the economy to bring people back to basics, like valuing family time, and church time, and calling Christians to become stirred in their souls; for people to not value so much their possessions and money, but value what's on the inside of each other. I'm so happy you had a good revival and some souls came forward - Hallelujah! God is good all the time! Take care, my southern-friend, from KY.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Prayers moves the heavenlies and God's heart in a way that our silence cannot.

Keep petitioning him for more of his Spirit.


Karen said...

Always glad to hear of great revival services...there has been a great stirring of the Spirit lately....

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

don't ya just love a good 'ole revival!! we have ours coming up in October and I am so ready for it.

Praise God for the salvations!

Laurie said...

It was wonderful to read your post, Barbara; oh, that our Lord would bring a revival to our land! May those loved ones we pray for regularly hear and respond to His calling.


Sandra Henderson said...

You feed my soul and my belly Mrs. Barbara!!!! GOsh, you are so wonderful! So glad you've had a good revival! Take some time for yourself soon. Just a few hours. Worry about you always doing, going, doing.... Take care of yourself. Love ya! Sandra
Wish I lived on that side of the water, we'd have a church quilting group!!!! :) or the two of us would just be quilting away ourselves! :)