Monday, November 15, 2010

Magnificent Monday
How many remember hanging their clothes out on the clothes line, Up until 1976 I did just that, then I found out they had inside clothes dryers, nothing like them, I do hang some things on the line still, but not often and not many. Thought you would enjoy this little poem about Clotheslines.
A clothesline was a news forecast, to neighbors passing by,
there were no secrets you could keep, when clothes were hung to dry.
It also was a friendly line, for neighbors always knew,
if company had stopped by, to spend a night or two.
For then you'd see the fancy sheets, and towels upon the line;
you'd see the company table cloths, with the intricate design.
The line announced a baby's birth, to folks who lived inside.
As brand new infant clothes were hung, so carefully with pride.
The ages of the children could so readily be known,
By watching how the sizes changed, you'd know how much they'd grown.
It also told when illness struck, as extra sheets were hung,
Then night clothes, and bathrobe too, haphazardly were strung.
It said, "Gone on vacation now" when lines hung limp and bare,
It told "Were back!" when full lines sagged, with not an inch to spare.
New folks in town were scorned upon, if wash was dingy gray,
As neighbors raised their brows, and looked disgustedly away.
But clotheslines now are of the past, for dryers make work less,
Now what goes on inside the home, is anybodies guess.
I really miss that way of life, It was a friendly sing,
When neighbors knew each other best, by what hung on the line.

Combine ingredients:
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 (12oz) can evaporated milk
1 (16oz) can pumpkin
1 tsp pumpkin spice

Preheat oven to 350*. Mix well and pour into a greased 9x13" pan. Crumble a dry yellow cake mix over this, then drizzle 3/4 c melted butter over the top and sprinkle 1 cup of chopped pecans over that. Bake one hour at 350*. Let cool about 10-30 minutes and then serve, topped with vanilla ice cream.



Mary R. said...

Barbara, thanks so much for coming to my blog. I love the poem about the clothesline -- I have not seen anything like that before. Check out my other blog,
about modesty, sobriety and other issues like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love my clothes line! I have one of those circle type on a pole. I have very limited space in my yard. This works just perfect. I have put it up for the winter and I am using my dryer now. I can't wait to try the pumpkin cobbler recipe!!
Have a blessed Monday!!

Deborah Bolack said...

I love the poem! My mom had a clothes line....I remember her bringing in frozen clothes off the line to finish drying in the house. I also remember getting my arm stuck in her ringer washer....aaaah,those were the days!

Ruth said...

love this post.. i still hang clothes out on my clothesline.

Aliene said...

I did not have a dryer until all my children were older. I still like the clothes line. I just told my husband I wanted another one put up.
I have already quit using the dishwasher. Would like to cut down on the dryer. I loved the poem.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

love that poem and that cobbler looks delicious! I have a can of pumpkin in my pantry and I think I will make this!

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Sandra said...

i think you found a recipe I will try. mouth watering already. love love the clotheline story. all true. but i am glad i don't have to hang them out any more. i got my first washer in 1970, before that was the dreaded laundrmat with 2 boys in diapers. the diapers froze on the line, the sheets froze, the dog jumped up on them, the boys pulled them off the line. Yep, glad those days are gone. they did smell good though. i finally got a dryer in around 75. my niece still hangs hers out and she lives in PA in cold country. she likes the way they smell and likes doing it. she does have washer/dryer but uses it rarely.

Anonymous said...

Awww Barbara - I still hang clothes outside (until the weather is too cold to do it). I have a clothesline run from our barn to a pole and I so enjoy using it. There's something calming about standing outside in the quiet and pinning each item on the line as the birds sing and crickets chirp. It's become a 'thanks-giving' time for me with God. And there's nothing that makes me and my hubby sleep better than sleeping in crisp, air-dried sheets!

A Blessed Life said...

HiBarb,Here in Australia the clothesline is a way of life,I don't think it will ever change and as a postie that poem relates to me now,when I see the ladies are expecting and then little tiny singlets etc on the line I know if it is a little boy or girl etc and although most people have driers the electricity is so high now in our country they are used sparingly. We have a Hills Hoist line in the open back yard and under the back BBQ area one that pulls out from the wall, we use this in the wet weather but use it a lot in summer as the heat so intence that the clothing dries hard and fades quickly ,when we remodelled our laundry recently we decided to throw our drier away and be more enviromently concious and we have not missed it once, having said that we do not live in the snow country where I know they could not live without their driers.Carole xx

Sharon said...

I love the poem.
I used to hang out all my clothes in the spring and summer when the boys were small.I really did enjoy the clean smell.
Have a great Monday.

Sharon said...

Oh my! That cobbler looks and sounds so good!

Sometimes I hang clothes out on the line, but usually use the dryer. :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Barbara, There is a policy in our community that you can't hang clothes outside on a line. I miss that--since I love smelling my sheets after they have dried on a clothesline.

I do like the community policy for many other reasons though: no junky cars or campers in one's yard; no animals wandering around off of a leash, etc....

The cobbler sounds great....

A Joyful Chaos said...

Love that poem! We used to live close to a busy road while I was growing up and used only a clothes line to dry the laundry.

I'll have to try making a pumpkin cobbler now. I had never heard of one before.


Theresa said...

I love that poem. We didn't have a dryer growing up and either hung the clothes outside or in the boiler room.
Another great recipe!

Sharon said...

I wanted to let you know that I made your pumpkin cobbler today and it was a big hit!!! I put a scoop of Blue Bell vanilla bean ice cream on top and OH MY!!! I'm so trying not to go get a second helping!!! :)
Thank you for sharing this recipe!

JD said...

I still hang some of my things on the clothesline, except when the clothes start freezing on the line, then it's only the dryer...