Monday, March 7, 2011

Smiling Sally
♥Blue Monday♥

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Join with me, and see our Blue Monday photos..I was looking through my cupboards and found these few treasures I can post for Blue Monday, so hope you enjoy them, and maybe you will join us in posting some blue Monday things also.

This is an old Soup Pot, and a Platter my husband found in some junk he picked up in a Grapple truck, so Icleaned it up and kept it, I really love it, and after loosing all my antiques in the fire it was special to have something older again, not sure how old it is, or if it is even that old, the bottom has some funny writting on it.

Ponce Puerto Rico
So tell me, are you having a great Blue Monday?  If not look up, is Jesus still on the throne? Well then it sure is a Wonderful day isn't it, no matter how bad things get in this world, God is able to care for us, and we have his written promises to console us in a time of need, now lets stop and take a deep breath, and let God talk to you, then ask him for his help in all you do today, in all you must face today, and with all you will attempt to do for him, his grace is sufficient indeed, proven, tested, and banked on..
Hugs my dear friends, have a blessed day.


Deborah said...

Good morning! Nice photos...I love blue and white dishes....I have my grandma's Blue Willow dishes.
Have a wonderful week.

SmilingSally said...


Thanks for sharing. It seems we have a good deal in common.

Happy 1st Blue Monday, Barbara.

Donnie said...

What a lovely inspirational post and that blue ware he found is so pretty.

Laurie said...

What a beautiful find these blue dishes are, Barbara. And the photos with the blue skies remind me that I love to look up to the sky and praise my Lord, as I know He sees me! Your blog is an inspiration to me!

Anonymous said...


I like dishes that have various blue and white patterns on them. They just seem unique to me.

Also, you are right, as long as God is upon the throne each day, we should be grateful! :)

Have a blessed day!

-Lady Rose

Barbara said...

Amen ladies, what encouraging posts today, I needed this, have a very blessed day. ♥

LV said...

Thank you for letting me see a more of Porto Rica. Was there s long time again and found it rather depressing. Never saw too much real beauty.

Ms. Burrito said...

So pretty!

chubskulit said...

Oh so beautiful! I am now a follower

My Blue Monday

Grammy Blick said...

It has been a beautiful day -- cloudy and windy outside, but First Daughter's follow-up appointment was outstanding!! She is healing well from her vertebrae fusion, got to have her neck collar removed and with two weeks of therapy ahead of her, she's planning on going back to work. Many prayers aided her recovery!! God has blessed us in so many ways.

Anita said...

I love blue and white and have several pieces I inherited from my mother. Very pretty!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Hey glad to hear your are having a great spring day! I can't believe you have eight great grands. Love his name.



Anonymous said...

Love these blue dishes especially. Thanks for your visit and yes, we are beginning to find our silverware and toothbrushes!!!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Hello Barbara~
I am catching up with all my favorite blogs tonight, I am feeling a little under the weather. I am having a greta time catching up with you.