Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Flicks
Early Mother's Day Flowers
We are picking Green beans now, bushes are loaded
Beautiful Mountains in NC

Some of the Old Mill in Mount Airy Photos, such wonderful History this tells.

This is such a beautiful place here are a couple of the streams

hope you enjoyed my Friday Flicks, and come back
again real soon, I will share more photos with you.
Have a wonderfully blessed weekend, and hope you
take time to stop and smell the flowers, you God
created them just for you to enjoy. Give some one
a smile, they may not have one. ☺


Sharon said...

I enjoyed the photos so much.
I wanted to tell you I tried your biscuit recipe and they are so melt in your mouth flaky.Thanks
Have a wonderful Mom's day

Barbara said...

Amen Sharon, I tried for over 25 years of marriage to make good biscuits, never could, then a young woman in our church give me this recipe from her grandma, and ever since I make perfect cat heads ever time, and I use that same recipe to make my sausage swirl too, just melt in your mouth good.. Glad yours came out good. ☺

Samantha said...

Beautiful photos, I cant wait to start gardening, we plan to do so next weekend !
Have a very blessed mothers day weekend dear friend !

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I am planning on visiting the mountains soon. We are about 2 1/2 hours away.
NC is a great state to live in with the coast and mountains so easy to travel to.
Thanks for sharing the pictures. Have a Happy Mother's Day my friend.
Blessings and hugs,

Kateri said...

Green beans already? Wow, I'm just starting to plant early crops. Green beans will be planted the last week of May. :)

I love that old mill. So cool that it is still standing and looks like it is in very good shape!

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures dear Barbara! Love your header too:) Have a blessed weekend and a Happy Mother's Day! HUGS!

Grammy Blick said...

Love those photos! And love biscuits -- but Beloved Husband's sugar jumps by leaps and bounds, so we don't make them. My aunt used to make her one each morning. That was all she would eat, no use in wasting good food. Guess I'll have to learn how to do that.

sarah said...

everything looks so peaceful......and beautiful. Wishing you a very happy mother's day.....hope it's the best yet.

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Barbara, a very blessed Mother's Day to you. The photos are gorgeous!

Miss Linda said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Mother's Day, dear Barbara! :)