Friday, June 10, 2011

Have A Very Blessed Weekend

Love it. So we did our shopping for the month, and got home about 7 pm, ugh, my legs are sore today, heehee,
I did shop til I dropped, but it is a good tired knowing
I accomplished so much, and now I am done for the month. Yeah.
What plans do you have for the weekend? Hope you all are blessed and know Jesus loves you and so do I.

Psalm 119:159 "Consider how I love thy precepts: quicken me, O LORD, according to thy lovingkindness

Whewwwwww I am one tired girl... But God is good all the time, and cares for me even when I over do. We left yesterday around 12:00 noon, first stop was at Bells I got a few things in there, one being a Green apple Yankee Candle, they have the best price in town,and those last so long and smell so good, then we went to Salvation army, I got the cutest magazine rack, with butterfly ends, all solid wood, and very nice, a little tin with mini cookie cutters for fall in it, then the best part, I have been looking for a watch band, mine broke the other day, well I seen this one in the glass section there, and so I got it, for 1:50 when I started looking it over the watch was that it was on is a signed Thomas Kinkade, well I know I got my money's worth, so then we went to Wal Mart for the monthly grocery shopping, I got a battery for my new watch, and it works great, so pretty with the light house on it, my dh collects light houses so they are kinda special to me also.


Sharon said...

I am glad that you are getting some rest now.
It sounds once again you came away with some great purchases.
I love yankee candles but they are hard to find around here.
Have a blessed weekend.

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Hope you have a blessed weekend, too.

Theresa said...

I love Yankee Candle. I need to get one for the summer, green apple sounds nice.
You did do a lot yesterday. I am glad you are able to get some rest. It must be nice to get all your shopping done for the month :) I have my ladies' book club tonight and then looking forward to a day around the house on Saturday and Worship on Sunday.

Barbara said...

Yes I think Yankee or Home interior candles are the best, they have the best aroma and last longest, you know most Cracker Barrels carry the Yankee candle.
I have finished two loads of laundry a mound of dishes, and going to rest a while then supper.Hope your day is good as mine. ♪♪♪♥

Dee said...

Hi Barbara, I finally found my way back to blog land. After trying to catch up on everyone's post I realize how much I have been missing.I have very much appreciated your visits and prayer's on FB. The days ahead may become difficult for me...but I think blogging will help. I can not imagine having the energy to do a month of shopping:) As for the weekend, I will have my first overnight visitor at my new apartment. Franks sister will be visiting from South Carolina. :)

Mrs. Q said...

Wow, sounds like you had a nice shopping trip with lots of little goodies. Have a blessed weekend.
Mrs. Q

Grammy Blick said...

I, too, collect lighthouses! Received a new one last Saturday at the celebration. Now to find a place for it. Get some rest, enjoy the services and we'll see you soon!

Farming On Faith said...

Rest up my sweet friend.
I am so enjoying my time away with my Brian. We head back home tomorrow. I am feeling at peace ~thank you for praying with me.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Barbara said...

Oh my dear friends I am so happy to hear from you and Dee it is wonderful you are coming back to the bogging world, amen, and answer to prayer, and yes thos light houses are so wonderful, I forgot to say I found a little ceramic one that a tea light goes in, it is adorable, shines though the holes in the piece, nice, and Carried I am so happy you are having a good time away with your honey, wonderful news, and yes I have been praying for you, I have learned to love you dear women and wish you were all close so we could have tea together on the Patio, would be nice.

Miss Linda said...

You really have been quite busy! I hope you have a very restful weekend. :)

Camille said...

What a busy girl you have been Barbara! for the whole month??!! I cannot imagine! :) Good for you! And how lovely to have found those treasures in thrift stores...what a blessing. Have a terrific week!

Many blessings,

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Good morning Barbara!

Sounds like you have been busy as well. Thanks so much for coming by and visiting, your comments are such a blessing!!!I know I haven't been around a lot lately, spending some much needed time with my Father! Take care