Friday, July 22, 2011

How would you like to live here?
How would you like to live on this road? Love it, it is
such a nice place right around the corner from Snotville
heehee, this is up in Blairsville, GA, we come out on this
street one day wandering around up there, then to the
left of the road was this still making Sorgum Syrup, it was
so interesting I am wanting to share it with you, I hope
your enjoy my photos as much as we enjoyed our time spent

Such massive mesh, look at the temps the keep
them set at too. It was so interesting, and I would
love to go back up again soon, and see what else of
interest we could find, I do love them Mountains
and the atmosphere there, only God could create
such beauty as is there. Hope you enjoyed my photos
and stop by soon, lots of hugs for your day. ♥


Theresa said...

Oh how I love the mountains!

Sharon said...

What wonderful photos and so interesting to look at.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd want to live on *that* road! LOL (o;

Have a happy weekend!

Theresa said...

Oh how my Daddy loved that Sorgum Syrup:) We would always bring him a jar back when we visited the Mountains of North Georgia! Loved looking at all of your pictures! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

My late mom and I always loved sorghum syrup with biscuits and butter! Loved your pictures and I am a big fan of north Ga's mountains. Won't be too long before apples will be coming in! Have a blessed weekend Barbara.

George said...

We also love the mountains of north Georgia. We've been to Blairsville a couple of times, but have never noticed this road before.
Thanks for visiting my site.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Funny names... You can find them all over the mountains... I wouldn't want to live on Rattle Snake Drive... ha ha

We have been to Blairsville.. In fact we stayed there once --which waterfall in the North GA mountains...

Have a blessed Sunday.

HOPE said...

This is for real? Oh my...whatta place to live! ewww

well as I've heard here in the South...a loving note to some wives...she is my sugar booger! LOL

I love the Georgia and NC mountains...I've been many time to Helen Ga. and visited the Anna Ruby Falls. So refreshing.

God bless you day..

Kateri said...

Very interesting looking at the photos of the Sorgum syrup "factory". It looks very old fashion. I would love to visit a place like that!

Shelley said...

I love the mountains surrounding Blairsville. And I love Vogel State park, too. I took a picture very similar to this one when we were last there.