Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am thankful this Thursday for a church that has a vision, that wants to see souls
saved, and wants to bring boys and girls in to learn about Jesus. Matthewt 19:14 
"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven". So many Churches do not have soul winning programs any more, so I am honored to be part of a church who goes out on visitation and brings in souls for the glory of God, amen and amen. This photo is one of our bus, some of the men are working on the bus, sanding, taping off and painting, it takes lots of hard work, and praise God for men willing to give of their time for this project; it will be blue and white all when finished, now the white is finished, today they will tape the rest off, and tomorow the bus will be painted, (Lord willing and it does not rain) here are a  couple more photos of the bus in the process. Wonderful site to behold, and a wonderfl place to be serving my lord. As it states in Proverbs 29:18  "Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he".
Praise God our people have a  vision, and it is seeing the lost brought to a
saving knowledge of Christ. Here are the other photos:

You can see it is looking good, and should be pretty well finished tomorrow.
I just have so much to be thankful for, my pastor ask me to teach the teen
girls, now I have taught all ages, and for the past 20 years been teaching women,
it has been a long time since I taught young girls, but I am taking the challenge,
and I ask that God give me all I need to teach them, I know I have love, I have his
word, and beyond that he will do the rest, so I trust in him to help us grow
together and become the Godly women our lord wants us to be.
I am thinking on this, I talked to the girls last night after service about going out on visitation with me, and they are all excited, I am so thrilled, perhaps we will build this class by getting them in one by one, amen, no better event than to take them soul winning, maybe spring for a treat of some kind afterwards too, these girls are dear, I am really looking forward to teaching them, and becoming a part of their life. Lord help me to be what YOU would have me to me, so I may teach others, we must first be a good follower before we can ever be a teacher, so may I follow faithfully, and do all that is expected in me, thank you lord, for giving me such a complete and wonderful written hand book to learn from and to live by, thank you for saving me and making me one of your children, I so pray that I may help others on their walk in faith, God's word shall reveal all I need, so thank you lord for this day that I am able to praise you.
Do you dear blogger have a testimony for this wonderful Thursday to be thankful for?
God bless you each and may your day count for the lord Jesus Christ and may he bless you completely. ♥


~SALLY~ said...

Young ladies need a Godly influence in their lives. I am thankful for your desire to serve through ministering to them! Blessings!! :)

Theresa said...

Great looking bus your Church is painting! I know that it will roll around bringing Souls to Christ! Great work!

Have a blessed day my friend, those you teach are fortunate to have you:) HUGS!

Sharon said...

What a blessing to have a bus to bring in more souls to the Lord.
Prayers that he will be with you all in your adventures along the way.

Paula said...

So many exciting things going on right now for you and your church, Barbara!

We have a little wether (castrated male) sheep named Tiny and we got him purely by accident. He was supposed to be sent to the slaughterhouse, not sent to our house to live... but the poeple we bought our other sheep from sent him with the others by mistake. We didn't discover this for a couple of days, and even though I knew he would be of no use to us because he'd been "fixed", by then I felt so sorry for him I didn't have the heart to send him back. He was thin, wormy, and malnourished- and I really didn't think he would live anyway... but he is a healthy, fat little butterball now.

But what is so amazing about Tiny's story, is every once in a while, he'll walk up to me or James (my hubby) and rest his head on our side, as if to say, "I know what you did for me. And I thank you." None of our other sheep do this- not even Daisy, our bottle lamb. And I started thinking the other day how sometimes I feel like Tiny does when I remember what the Lord did for me... how he took my place on Calvary- and it makes me want to rest my head on his bosom and just say "I KNOW what you did for me...and I love you and thank you."

Barbara said...

Oh amen Paula what a wonderful testimony that is, yes that does remind me of how Jesus took our my debt payment and let me live, amen a wonderful story you have here.Hugs

Aliene said...

I'm sure you will be a good teacher.
I mostly taught adults, too and when the pastor ask me to take a class of 9 yr. old girls I had no idea how it would turn out. But I love it now.
The Lord always gives just what we need. Blessings, friend.

Barbara said...

Thank you Aliene, that is very encouraging, I used to teach the junior girls many years ago. I am sure God will give what is needed, thanks for assuring me too. Hugs

Grammy Blick said...

When you say teens, all of them? Ours is split between Junior High and High School. We're blessed with a Youth Director whose wife teaching the High School girls, he teaches the boys. I share teaching Junior High girls with my daughter, and JH boys are taught by her husband. I look forward to hearing more about this.

Anonymous said...

My late dad was involved in our church's bus ministry. What a wonderful way to reach those who otherwise would not hear the plan of salvation.
I have such fond memories of Sunday School teaches from my early teen years.
God bless you in this new endeavor.

Sassy Granny ... said...

If ever our young women needed godly influences, today is that day! No wonder you're sharing such gratitude for God's amazing ways.

In my own life I am struck anew by His workings in the lives of my children & grandchildren. Imperceptible to others, I see so clearly how He hedges them about. My hope for their salvation has never been more acute.

What a good God we serve!


Camille said...

What a lovely thing it is to be asked to teach the young ladies of your congregation. I think teen girls are such a wonderful group...may the LORD give you wisdom as you seek to turn their hearts to HIM!

Many blessings to you Barbara!