Saturday, August 6, 2011

(Saturday Serving The Lord)

Good after noon, what a great day we had, we went visiting for over
3 hours, I am kinda sad because we did not see any one saved, but we
sure planted lots of the Word.
We covered about 7 different roads, and I do not know how many people
we visited, give tracts and give them the gospel, praise God for his hand
of mercy on us. No dogs attacked, no one was real rude or ugly, it was a
good time of visiting, and sharing the Gospel with others.

We are off to Waycross, Georgia again tomorrow; my dear husband is
preaching and I do pray that others will join in too, it is a very small church,
and the pastor is on vacation, we are filling in last week, this week, and
next week. I miss teaching my teen girls too, will be happy when we get
back to our own church. But when married to a preacher I never know when
we will be in our church or in another one, he gets to preach in lots of
places, and I am happy, for he would be miserable if he did not preach. So
pray for us, and pray that some one will be saved tomorrow.

I have this song to share with you, it is one of my favorites, and really
tells how I do feel, and I truly want to always have a servants heart.
God bless you my friends, and thank you for stopping by and posting as
so many of you do, Have a very blessed Saturday. Hugs

A Servants Heart

I want a servants heart
And I will gladly bear the markings
Of one held captive yet free
Not my will but thine
For Lord in your own time
Only you can make a servants heart

He compels me to go
But I would rather stay
He sent me a valley
Once again today
My self determined will
Keeps tearing me apart
But when the works completed
I'll have a servants heart

More and more Lord I see
There's a work I must do
Father may you find me faithful
Trusting only you
Take all that I have been
There, your will to start
And then I'll serve no other master
with this servants heart


Shelley said...

Glad to hear that your hubby is called somewhere to share the word. Y'all be safe and enjoy.
Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog.

Grammy Blick said...

"No dogs attacked, no one was real rude or ugly, it was a good time of visiting, and sharing the Gospel with others."

Good to hear about those dogs! Don't you just love sowing seeds. You may get to water them along the way, and our Lord's harvest is increased.

Pamela said...

Happy about your successful day of visiting. Enjoy your ministering tomorrow. I've never heard that song but the words are so meaningful.

Laurie said...

What a blessing to be sowing seeds for the Lord! Many hearts were opened and many thoughts turned to Him, even if no commitments to Him were made, yet. The words to the song are so encouraging; it is not one I know, but the message is!

Blessings to you this week,