Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Well today is the second day of November, a month in which we turn our eyes upon Jesus, and give thanks for all he has done throughout the year, I love this time of year, not just the turning of the leaves, or the cool temperatures but the fact that many are remembering how much God has did for them. May we never forget 
and never cease to give him all the glory and praise for 
what he has did for us. I love that there are so very many scriptures that sing praises to our lord. Isaiah 42:8 "I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images". Our Lord is a jealous God, and will not  share his glory with any one, if we try and take any glory from him we shall see the anger of the lord. Let us sing his praises 

all this month and see how many various verses we can find that sing his praise, and gives thanks to the lord. 

As we all stay busy, I know we do get around to the computer as much as before, I am sorry, I do not post very much, I have just finished up several more salvation bracelets I will let the girls give them to the Missionaries tonight, Sunday will be a full day, and with much going on here for preparation for Thanksgiving and having a house full, seems not much time left, and the older I get the slower I become too, giggles, I did get my laundry finished yesterday, we went down to the Island and it was way too cold to even spend any time there, so NO fish.
I have made up song books for our Junior church, card stock on front and back with a huge logo of singing kids on front, we have about 15 songs and going to teach them each one, I remember the kids songs I learned as a child, one stick with me especially because I used to sing it to my daddy, and point my finger at him, when it came to are you ready when Jesus comes. He was not at the time, and I knew it.
"Two shall be together grinding at the mill, two shall be together sleeping peace be still, one shall be taken the other left behind, will you be ready when Jesus comes". it is biblical too, I found it one day in my reading and got very excited to see it in the Bible. I hope you have a wonderful month of November and

your home is filled with lots of good smelling food, spices, and a family that loves and appreciates all you do for them. God bless you my blogging friends. 



KristaM said...

Just found your blog on MBC and love it! So many things to remember especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner! When you have a chance, please visit my blog and follow if you like :)


HOPE said...

you are one busy busy lady!!! and also Addicted to the ministry!! AMEN...

I love FALL and the time that shouldn't be one day..but it is a reminder to the WORLD to be THANKFUL ..with THANKSGIVING in Nov. too bad many stores are passing it by onto Dec.!!

Memories of God's faithfulness in my life...bring me to today's that is making another Memories of his faithfulness for tomorrow!!!

God bless you!!!

Sharon said...

I also love this time of year and I know that I need to tell my Lord that I am so blessed with all he has done for me and mine.
You are one busy women that is for sure.

Anita said...

Thank you for this post, to remind me to always be thankful for God's many blessings.