Friday, March 16, 2012

God Just Keeps on Giving and Giving

Well another day, another weekend is upon us, we went out in the boat again yesterday, we caught 15 Brim, good size ones too;
and guess what? Give up? I caught the fishing pole Chuck lost in the River Monday, yeah, now only God can do something like that, 
I cast my line in the water, well it went to close to the boat so I was reeling in, when I brought up a line, I was trying to get it off my line when Chuck said, no, try and bring it in, it may be my pole, me of little faith said, I am sure, and WOW when I reeled it in his pole was attached to it, the hook and line still on it, but the fish had got away, we were amazed and said the lord had to do this, he must of wanted you to have that pole and reel. LOL Thought you would enjoy that little blessing. Stranger things have happened, been a while though.

Today we hit a few yard sales, we been looking for a cordless phone, we priced them at Wal Mart and they were from 28 to 50
dollars, the ones with answering machines on them; well today we
found one just like we been looking at and it was 3 dollars not 40.
Praise God the man said if it did not work to bring it back and he would give us our money back, well we brought it home and plugged it in, and great news, it works good, I have it all set up now, I hate the cord ones, our other cordless died, and so we had the cord one hooked up, love the cordless. We got a few other things too, was a good trip and good day.

Well it is a fabulous Friday, and I am back home, tired, but ate and now going to cook some lima beans and rice for supper, make some good ole corn bread too, yummy, is it supper yet, lol hope you all have a very blessed weekend, and know Jesus loves you and so do I.



Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Just wanted to let you know I love southern!!! Also I love the fact you posted Born Again Christian on your profile. Not many believers do that ... I do.
Blessings and save me some cornbread. LOL

Phyllis Blickensderfer said...

I am so glad I know people who understand how God can even take care of the small things in our lives -- fishing poles and tractors!! Praise Him for everything.

Jan said...

So good to read you are well and enjoying life and the beautiful outdoors and His provision.
Blessings, Jan

Dee said...

I am sure God must have let you catch your husbands fishing pole....I can only imagine your surprise.I went to a garage sale myself..and look forward to more.

Alice Grace said...

Lovely post! Sounds like you had lots of fun!

Theresa said...

Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing time:) ENJOY your weekend, HUGS!

Loretta said...

Hi Barbara, such a lovely post today! I cooked some lima beans, rice and corn bread the other day, have to post it still. I know you had a tasty meal, huh? Your hubby was glad to get that fishing pole back...I'm sure!
Wishing you both a lovely evening! Hugs

HOPE said...

Love that quote...

God does indeed take care of the small things in life...we just had a testimony time at church about that very thing not long ago. Was such a blessing to hear of the many small needs met..some instantl. Like glasses falling off in the ocean..and found like 10 minutes later after going back to the spot! what are the chances of that with the tides! PRAISE THE LORD.

Keep up that good Suthern cookin'

Sharon said...

I loved your fishing story! God cares about every little thing in our lives. He is SO GOOD! Take care and have a restful weekend.

Mrs. Q said...

That is amazing and wonderful about the fishing pole! What a sweet blessing!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

I just love how God is into all
the details no matter how big or small!

Sounds like a lovely week end!
Sorry I missed dinner ;)

Take care

Sandra said...

That is SO neat, Barbara. I would have thought the same thing you did, if my husband said that to me. I love hearing what God does for others like this! I'm glad y'all caught some fish too.