Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We had a very good and restful Monday, Chuck went down to the river for a couple hours, and caught several nice Brim, so that is our dinner tonight, he fillets them so it will be pure eating, no picking the bones out. Here is a photo of these pretty fish.

Makes me want to go and catch a few myself, this is Brim season now, and we can stock our freezer while they are biting. 

It is so relaxing and fun out fishing, no sounds and just sweet smells of the wild Jasmine and Honeysuckle all around us. Nice, serene and so peaceful, like not much noise where we live anyhow, but on the water is even better.
Chuck got up to stretch and before he could grab his pole a fish pulled it in the water, took off with it, he has about 40 of them, so no great loss, and he still had 2 others to continue fishing with, but it must of been a big fish strong enough to get it out of the boat that fast. Now that was the big one that got away, LOL ♥ 



Dee said...

I cherish relaxing days like this...I have to admit I have never heard of Brim.

Barbara said...

Dee they are like the Blue Gill in Mi same thing, hugs

Theresa said...

Fishing is relaxing and no better eating than fresh fish! YUMMY! Enjoy your evening dear Barbara, HUGS!

Sandra said...

There's nothing like fishing! Glad he caught enough for supper.

Aliene said...

I don't fish but I sure do like to eat brim. If I am ever your way you will have to have fried brim on the menu The thing around here is catfish.
We love crab and shrimp. Not quite the season yet. Makes the best gumbo! Glad to see you more often. Now if I can get myself in the groove again!