Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Good Morning on this 7th day of March, wow time is flying by,  It is lovely today, warmer and the sun is shining bright,  these days are good. Our garden is doing really good, potatoes are topping, so good, onions are getting bigger daily too, should have some wonderful strawberry's soon, lots on my plants. My watermelons are popping up too, and beets, just too much to talk about. You see this photo of Lilacs, we used to have the bushes all around our house in Michigan, they give off such a wonder smell, the whole yard smelled sweet like them, oh I miss them, I tried raising in Flordia when there but it died, I was very sad too, not sure if here in GA would do good or not, we are pretty much the same climate as where we were in Fl.

Tonight is prayer meeting and I do believe we are good to go tonight, praise the lord, reminds me of a little chorus we sing.  I'll Praise Your Name Lord.

I'll praise your name lord, and sing your song, I'll praise your name lord, my whole life long, I'll praise your name lord, til I get home, I'll praise your name lord and sing you song.

Then usually would sing Let Your Love flow through me.

Let your love flow through me, let your Love flow through me, make me a blessing lord where ever I may be. Keep me pure keep me clean so that you may be seen, let your love, let your love flow through me.

I hope your Wednesday is a good one, and some one will see Jesus in you today.
Be blessed and be a blessing, May God bless you real good.



Sharon said...

We live in N GA and several years ago we planted a lilac bush. It did well for a couple of years, but then some kind of fungus overtook it and couldn't get rid of it, so we dug it up. I don't think they like much humidity or heat and we've had some unusually hot summers for a few years. I remember reading that they need a lot of air circulating around the plant. Have a blessed day!

Barbara said...

Yes I do think they are probably a Northern bush, not seen any here either, I do love them though, thanks for your comment, hope your day is a good one, hugs

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say Hello!

Hope ya'll have a good prayer meeting!

Jan said...

Lilac sounds lovely, I have never seen one.
Yes, a beautiful message to let someone see Jesus in us today.
Love and blessings, Jan

Phyllis Blickensderfer said...

We have now missed four (count them four!!!) services at our church due to this horrible virus. We do, however, give thanks for the many sites that show His care and their prayers.

Barbara said...

I sure know how you feel Phyllis, we missed more this last 6 months than in 40 years, thank God he knows our heart and knows we want to be there

Theresa said...

Beauty all around:) Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

have a great weekend my friend! we have revival starting Sunday and I am just so excited about what the Lord is going to do!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A garden is such a beautiful reminder of "seasons" and the cyclical nature of life. To find "goodness" in them all is, indeed, a gracious gift of God.

Keep tending to the garden of your heart, sister. Thanks for stopping by today.


Goose Hill Farm said...

Hello, Barbara~

I wanted to stop by and say hello and see how you are doing. I am sorry I have not been here in awhile. I am so glad to read that things are going well. I hope to be by more often!