Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday 

Well it has been some week here, Last Saturday my dh preached another funeral, he give an invitation and 10 precious souls were saved, Sunday was a wonderful, and two young boys were saved, then Monday he went and visited a man we been praying for since we first move here in 1997, he asked the man are you ready to get this settled? The man said yes with tears flowing down his face, he was gloriously saved, I am just thrilled at all the souls that have been saved lately.
My husband is healing well, and although his strength is not back full yet God gives him the grace to keep on keeping on, teaching, preaching and being the avid soul winner he always has been, God sure is good, and I ask that you pray for a dear friend of ours, he has Kidney cancer, Johnny Campbell, he is a well know Evangelist too goes by Johnny the Baptist, he had many hard decisions to make, and this sure is not a easy road to travel.
I have been doing pretty good too, working in our garden and teaching the teen girls at church, I have a few online ministries too I work at, getting the word out that is what it is all about, time is running short and we must be a witness wherever we go, the world is getting worse and worse and the only light in it is the light that shines from within God's people.
I am excited about today being prayer meeting night too, we always have prayer before services too, I do enjoy this, I have the bulletins ready with new prayer request too.
So is your Wednesday wonderful, if not look to the lord, he will give you something real special.
Do have a blessed day, and remember Jesus loves you and so do I. ♥



Theresa said...

You GO Girl! Bringing souls to the safe arms of Jesus! I am happy that your husband is healing and feeling better! God still has work for him to do here, the World needs more JUST like the two of you! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Sharon said...

I am glad to hear that your husband is feeling better now
That is such wonderful news about the souls you have been saving.
You are doing God's work and bless you for that

Like sunshine in the home said...

Wow, amazing to hear of so many souls being saved! Praise God!

Good to hear that your husband is getting better too.

~Blessings :)

Sandra said...

I love Wednesdays too. It's always good to go to God's house.

A Blessed Life said...

Just wonderful..and there was little me in your opening pic,may I borrow it for my sidebar if I can work it out.God is so wonderful,he wraps us in his precious love,he guides us through our storms and at the end of our days gently enfolds us and carries us to amazing is all that!I always seem to see your post when I most need it for strength...thankyou daughter of God you are amazing.

Dee said...

Your blog is so uplifting and encouraging. Hearing that souls are being saved gives me goose bumps....Praise God for working through your husband in such an awesome way.

nanasknoll said...

Sounds like you are all doing very well.
Was so good to hear all the souls being saved.
Do not have internet, so only get to catch up on everyone off and on.