Monday, April 9, 2012

~Wonderful Weekend~

So tell me how was your weekend?? 

We actually felt normal all weekend, horray praise God. 

Saturday I baked and cooked wonderful BBQ ribs they were so yummy too, just as they were done, some friends we had not seen in a while come by, so we were delighted we had dinner ready for them to join us, had a great time of fellowship. 
Oh yeah no Sauerkraut, had FF, carrots, and cukes with onion and vinegar, good meal and such a good time. 

Yesterday was great, I taught SS Jr girls and Teen girls we had a nice class, and all were so attentive, praise God I love it when they really listen, ,my dear husband was able to teach the men's class again too, and had a wonderful surprise he preached last night, was so good, about unity in the church, our church is very good about everyone working together, but some actually have brawls in the church, not good at all, everyone has some kind of heated moment but not constant bickering back and to, God is certainly not in the middle of that. It was his first time since his surgery too to preach, amen... 

So we had a good, tiring, and wonderful weekend; God's hand hath provided. No better way to start out a new week, than to be in the house of God doing what he called you to do. Please pray for some sick in our church, they need a healing hand upon them, several have some really serious problems too, pray if it be the will of God to heal them, he will, thank you a head of time, hope you all had a great weekend too, today is day of rest, after being sick for a while it feels good to feel good, amen.



Dee said...

Happy to hear things are getting back to normal in your house hold. Easter was very nice...great sermon and good company.

Barbara said...

amen Dee good to hear all is good at your home too, hugs

HOPE said...

One of these days...I am going to visit you!

Love your sweet post...

I am doing a Women of the Bible series on my This is the day blog...if you have any thing to add let me know..You have many years of experience in the ministry to share about women!

Can you send me your church info in a comment...We have dear missionary friends home on furlough I'd love you to meet!

God bless and hugs