Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winding Down 2012

My eldest son came up Saturday and we had a good time of fellowship with him and the boys,I made a good Salisbury Steak dinner and baked some special chocolate chip cookies for them to take home, he really liked that.  It was a good day and the babies were really good all day too. Papa rode the oldest boy around in the lawn tractor he love it, here is a photo of that;

 Sunday, my daughter Vikki, Kirby, PJ and Rosemary came to church with us, got to see and hold baby Patrick Jordan Ray the Third, lol big name for a little guy. Papa dedicated him to the lord, praying that they will raise him in church and that he will be saved at an early age. It was a good day, I sang "Mary Did you Know" Chuck and I sang The Twelve Days of Christmas and had the congregation sing along, it was a fun time, then another couple sang a beautiful song, I had never heard before, went something like Jesus had a borrowed manger, and a borrowed tomb, but the cross was his own. It was great song, the pastor preached a good message and it was good being in the house of the lord. The pastor left after church for Northern GA to spend Christmas with his family. Here is the baby dedication photos:

Last night we went to another Church to their Cantata it was so good, just breath taking at times, the Spirit of God was so evident, wonderful singing and a great skit about sending Valentines for Christmas, because God is love, and he sure gave us the best gift of love when giving us Jesus, oh it was so good and very unique.
There was a sweet fellowship after and as usual we ate too much. Got home late, and knew we had a wonderful time in the lord all day long.

Monday our daughter Shellee and her family came up to spend some time with us, love it when my children come home, lol I  made some Chili and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Yummy for the Tummy.

We had a great day Tuesday in Jacksonville, FL spent the day with our youngest daughter and her family, wow she is a good cook, had Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh green beans, and rolls, oh me I ate too much not having to cook it was extra good. Pumpkin and apple pie for dessert, Michelle you out did your self, it was the best.

I had thought much about the events of this past year, with the end of the year fast approaching thought I would reflect on all the trials and troubles, so many have been through this year, and I for one am still praising God and thanking him for all the good and the not so good things that have happened in my life this year.

Our hardest challenge was my husband having throat cancer, not knowing what the out come would be, and trusting God for his healing, if it would be his will, then being able to accept what his answer to prayer would be. As we struggled daily with going for radiation and with gas prices so high, we just trusted the lord daily, finally, putting into practice what Jesus meant when he said give us this day our daily bread, amen, he is so wonderful to meet each need that arises daily.

Well I am here to tell you that God met our every need every day, going almost a hundred miles daily for 33 treatments, we made it another Ministry for us to do for God, we made up little bags, put a gospel tract, a million dollar bill, some peppermints, a little plastic canvas cross the girls in our SS class made, and some of the little pocket crosses. As we handed these out we would ask if they would like us to pray with them, all said they would, we made some friendships along the way too, and each person in that area has heard the gospel, been prayed with, and even the staff. God used this trial for a blessing for us, to teach us and to reach those who we in no other wise would of met. We praise him for his hand upon Chuck, that even though it zapped all of his strength and energy he only missed 2 services of church. Nothing was unbearable because Jesus was hand and hand with him and I, it broke my heart to see him in such pain, and not being the strong man he was, but after almost a year of recovery, he is about back to normal, he still gets real tired easy, but we go and go and he preaches and sings and I do praise God for this trial he allowed us to go through that drew us even closer to our Saviour. Thank you lord for saving me, thank you lord for loving me, and thank you lord for keeping me in your precious sight at all times. My Beloved for 53 years...

What will 2013 bring? I am praying for good health, and to be able to serve God even greater this year, we will start it out right with my husband preaching Sunday the 6th, we will sing, and just have a marvelous time in the house of the lord, with his folks and singing his praises. God bless each of you, and my earnest prayer is that you love the lord with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul, that you will serve him with your entire being and knowing that his blessings will fall upon you.



Theresa said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful time this holiday season. So thankful your husband is okay.
Merry Christmas!

Goose Hill Farm said...

What a wonderful time you had! PTL your sweetheart is alright!


Dee said...

The best memories of Christmas are those spent focused on Christ and the time with our family...looks like you did both :)

Sharon said...

It sounds like you had a great holiday with family. I love family time and I am so thankful that God has blessed us with that this year.

Camille said...

Beautiful post Barbara. What a blessing that the LORD has spared your husband. HIS ways are perfect, and yes, HE is in the trials with us...what a comfort to know that our times are in HIS hands! May the LORD richly bless you and your family this coming year.

Blessings to you!

Tori said...

Sounds like a great Christmas. Glad to hear that your husband is dng okay.
Happy New Year Barbara!