Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Purple Passion

Well we had a good day yesterday, we both liked the new doctor, he is very thorough and did complete examines on us both, we spent well over two hours with him between the both of us, me first then Chuck. 
He did give Chuck a shot and a strong liquid antibiotic; he give me a good high dose antibiotic too, hope it will kick this out of us both, I feel still bad, no energy, and today it is drizzly outside so always makes me feel even worse, lol been a lazy day for me. 

We just ate breakfast and are some what achy feeling. We stopped by the Cancer Care Unit to have them all sign his mask, he is saving it, as a reminder how vulnerable we all are in the flesh, how anything can strike at any time to any of us, no matter how good of health we are in, it may all be lost in a matter of minutes, to keep focused on the lord and know it is all him, all we do must be to please him. 
It has really awakened us to how fragile life is, and how we can only live day to day like it is our last. 

It has been a long 7 weeks, and has wore on both of us, my immune system is low any how from the RA, and now his is from the radiation treatments, so we must be careful where we go and who we are around, I so wish that those at church that are sick with colds, sore throats would stay home when ill, instead of coming and sharing with us all, most get over a cold in a few days, us with bad immune systems it takes a very long time and can turn in to pneumonia, the pastors need to announce that those who are sick to stay home, to keep a lookout for all the brothers and sisters, not just thinking of ones self. Regularly exhorting us all to extend hospitality towards one another, and to care for the elderly in the church family, and to use common sense and stay away from church when we have colds etc so that those who are vulnerable are not put at risk. 

Well I am tired, so will go rest more, I have rambled on long enough too, love you all, and be blessed, be a blessing to those around you, you have been such an encouraging me in prayer.  We may not have tomorrow. So let us love each other today, and love those around us with all we have within us. (That is Christ that lives in all believers)

Blessed by his love, Barbara  ♥