Friday, February 3, 2012

Well I am so bad about blogging these days, I think I have gotten out of the habit.
I am trying hard to get back into it, but seems life is busy even when we do not plan on things, seems like every day there is some where to go or something pressing to do. I love blogging when I have time, and here it is the month of  February, the month of love...Well so many things I love, will not put them today in this post, I rather bring you up to date with my life. All of my husbands treatments are over, 
he is eating again, and I made his favorite breakfast today, the sausage roll with eggs on top, he ate every bit too, and have plenty for the next couple of days for him, he needs to eat well to regain his strength, this radiation treatments have really taken a
toll on him, it zapped his energy level to almost nothing, and he lost 10 pounds too, heis not over weight or a big man so he needs to put back on some of this weight. His coloring is coming back, and he is not coughing like he was, still some but, not like it was before, yes praise the lord he is on the mend, and perhaps things will get back to
normal soon.
We have had Revival all week at our church, we have made some of the meetings, but not all, he is very good and has his family with him that sings and plays instruments, it is quite refreshing and I have truly enjoyed the messages. Here is the link if you want to check him out.   We have had 4 precious souls saved this week also, one a middle age man, and that was such a blessing, you know statistics say anyone over 20 usually do not get saved, but praise God he loves everyone and call all, if that were the case my dh and I would of not been saved, he was 33 and I was 31 past the age of statistics, God touches all hearts and draws them to himself no matter what age, my only regret is that I was not younger, and married a saved man, and raised our children from birth in a godly home, other than that, I am so happy we did
get saved and lived for Christ ever since, I have never been sorry that I accepted Christ  as Saviour, and I plan on living for him until my last breath. Amen and amen. 

Well I am tired, I was sick too, but feeling pretty good again, just get tired too easy, hope you all have a very blessed day, and know my thoughts and prayers are with you all, I do love blogging and all my blogger friends. Have a wonderful weekend, tell some about Jesus today, lots of hugs sent your way.