Friday, January 3, 2014

Have a blessed Friday

We spent a wonderful New Years Day with the folks at Peoples Baptist Church, it was a really good service and brother Chuck even got to preach for a while, I felt right at home, and my cup was filled. 

Yesterday...January 2nd, 2014 hummmmmm I know I have to go get my medication the doctor called into the pharmacy, it seems my RA is acting up again, and is flaring, so he called in a prescription, I also need to get some dog food, these dogs are sure eating a lot these days, they have ordered a new computer for our car too, ugh..yeah a 2012 Jeep and the computer went out on it, shows we have engine trouble all the time, not sure about this automobile at all, wonder what it will do down the road, I shudder to think, guess soon as we can we will trade it in on a newer model. I am happy the warranty is still coving bumper to bumper.

Today January 3rd...Chuck has an appointment Tuesday with his back surgeon, I covet your prayers for him, and that same day will take the car in for its new computer, praying it has no problems before then. I am still stuffed up, but some what better, I am going to make some Chocolate Chip Cookies, I just have to have some cookies around, I got the nick name cookie monster when I was younger, well I still am.
It dropped into the low 30's here last night, I know compared to the Northern parts of the country that is warm, but not here in the damp SE Georgia area, very cold and very damp. Not staying though I love that about this area, it gets  cold then gets warm, that is why I stay sick I think too.

Both my dogs are cozy as can be inside, cute as can be. Zoie Michelle, and Goldie Lee

How about some scripture to start this year off with..Today's scripture: James 2:23 "And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God."

It would be so nice if we could go to the beaches and everyone looked like this, what ever happened to modesty? Okay I hope you have a very blessed day.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I was in bed by 10 pm just too tired to stay up until midnight, I knew the new year would come in if I was up or not. 
I am up now, cinnamon rolls in the oven sipping my freshly brewed coffee. 
Now I have beans on and planing, lima beans over rice, with mustard greens and cornbread, yummy, sounds really good to me. 

So what will you do this first day of the new year? 
We will attend church tonight, and praise the lord for another year to serve him.

Yes Christmas 2013 is a thing of the past now, and nothing left here but memories, looking forward to this new year, and seeing what God makes me marvel at this year. His abundant love and patience just overwhelms me at times, I am so thankful for such a loving Saviour. Have a very blessed New Year.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Busy Weekend

We had an unusual Christmas Eve and Christmas, but really good and made some new memories. Chuck had his MRI yesterday and had my blood drawn for my doctor the 11th. Stopped by my daughters and it was good to spend some time with her, I sure do not see my family enough. My son Jim having the PET scan today at 10 am so I ask you to keep that in prayer. Pray for us as we will be traveling Sunday to Blackshear where Chuck will preach all services. I appreciate all the prayers you all have prayed for me and my family, it sure makes a difference, I could not live from day to day without my lord taking such good care of me, even in the times of storm he is there, he is my help, he is my shield, he is my strength, thank you lord for being my friend, constant companion and lord of my life. 

Just got home from the Vet, Zoie was itching bad and has an ear infection, she got her allergy shot and some stuff put in her ears, it is suppose to adhere to the ear and heal, not to be washed out for two weeks, hope it helps, she sure been scratching her ears. 

Getting things ready to go for the day tomorrow, will not be on at all, will be an awesome day and I am always thrilled to hear my sweet beloved preach, we will sing too, and I am coughing some, had a nose bleed earlier, so pray for me too, always something here it seems. 

So have a very blessed day, and wonderful day of worship.