Friday, January 3, 2014

Have a blessed Friday

We spent a wonderful New Years Day with the folks at Peoples Baptist Church, it was a really good service and brother Chuck even got to preach for a while, I felt right at home, and my cup was filled. 

Yesterday...January 2nd, 2014 hummmmmm I know I have to go get my medication the doctor called into the pharmacy, it seems my RA is acting up again, and is flaring, so he called in a prescription, I also need to get some dog food, these dogs are sure eating a lot these days, they have ordered a new computer for our car too, ugh..yeah a 2012 Jeep and the computer went out on it, shows we have engine trouble all the time, not sure about this automobile at all, wonder what it will do down the road, I shudder to think, guess soon as we can we will trade it in on a newer model. I am happy the warranty is still coving bumper to bumper.

Today January 3rd...Chuck has an appointment Tuesday with his back surgeon, I covet your prayers for him, and that same day will take the car in for its new computer, praying it has no problems before then. I am still stuffed up, but some what better, I am going to make some Chocolate Chip Cookies, I just have to have some cookies around, I got the nick name cookie monster when I was younger, well I still am.
It dropped into the low 30's here last night, I know compared to the Northern parts of the country that is warm, but not here in the damp SE Georgia area, very cold and very damp. Not staying though I love that about this area, it gets  cold then gets warm, that is why I stay sick I think too.

Both my dogs are cozy as can be inside, cute as can be. Zoie Michelle, and Goldie Lee

How about some scripture to start this year off with..Today's scripture: James 2:23 "And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God."

It would be so nice if we could go to the beaches and everyone looked like this, what ever happened to modesty? Okay I hope you have a very blessed day.



Sharon said...

Praying for you and your hubby. I hope you both get to feeling better soon! I just read a similar Scripture last night in Romans about Abraham's faith. We were 20 degrees this morning in north GA. Too cold for the south! I hear Tuesday morning is going to be 9! Yikes!
Enjoy those cookies!

Barbara said...

Thank you Sharon, yes this is way too cold for Georgia, and the cookies are so good, just had a couple with some milk, yummy...Have a blessed day.

Mary said...

Love the wonderful to be known as a 'friend of God.'
Hope you have a Happy and Blessed New Year.

Theresa said...

I will pray for your husband! AND for you that the medicine will help! Cute doggies, love those sweet faces! No modesty these days, very sad! Have a blessed weekend dear Barbara and stay warm! HUGS!

Dee said...

I pray you are each feeling better...a hard way to start the new Year...sick and cold weather...:(