Monday, June 2, 2014

 Good Morning 

How is everyone today? I actually feel good today amen... 
We had an awesome day at church yesterday, we went to Blackshear, GA where Chuck preaches a lot, they had their home coming yesterday, 40 years of faithful service there, the young pastor has been there about 8 years I am thinking, he came as the youth director and when the pastor left they voted him to be their pastor, he is a good man, and had very good training, he calls on brother Chuck a lot for spiritual insights too, he and Chuck counseled a young couple yesterday, the man is very confused a young convert; he has so many hang ups from other religions, pray for this man and his wife, they are having a very difficult time in their marriage too. 

It is over cast here today, and plan on doing nothing until tonight, going to the Revival in Blackshear too. Hope you have a great day. 



Theresa said...

Sweet Summer memories, Revival and VBS! Enjoy your day dear Barbara, BIG HUGS!

Camille said...

So precious to learn of new ones following the Lord. I will pray for the young couple you mentioned right now. Many Blessings, Camille