Sunday, May 25, 2014

Well Just Shoot Me

I keep saying I am sorry, but keep missing to write and keep current on this blog, my followers must be tired of seeing nothing, for month on end...
It has been a fast two months now, with Revivals, Mother's Day, and just lots to do in the good ole South.

We had an awesome time Thursday, we went over to Lakeland, Georgia; to Lake Banks, fished a while, then went over to Irma Lake, in the same town, such a cool place, pretty little town and two nice lakes, we went on a hiking trail along a nice stream, seen the falls over the dam, and such a good day.Only two hours from us too. Here is a photo: The one of the Gator is most favorite too, typical Georgia shot.

Here is a photo of my Mother's Day flowers, Did not get my two dozen roses picture my son sent, they were beautiful too, multi color, my daughter took these she give me. She also came to church that day, blessed this moms heart.

Keep my husband in your prayers, he has a flu and not doing good.

Well that catches me up pretty much,hope to get here sooner next time...