Saturday, December 20, 2014


I just want to say, Good Morning and  hope you have a very Merry Christmas..
This is my Christmas Cactus, It is over 20 years old, blooms this time every year,
simply gorgeous;I have took some of its leaves when they break off and have two other plants growing now, I noticed one of them has a white bloom coming out on it, (WHAT) yeah,
not sure what that is about but waiting until it is in full bloom then I will take a picture.

So tell me are you ready for the big day? We do not do much for Christmas since the kids all live in other states, but will go to my one daughters Christmas day, her and her family will be there, we will
take some of the bake goods I have been baking too.

The days are flying by, and seems there is not enough time in one day to get all done. Hope you all have a very blessed Christmas Holiday, and that everyone stays safe, and praise the lord for whom all blessing come from.