Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Strange eh,  a white bloom on a pink plant... Thought I would share with you, I have never seen this, but I have it, and think it is pretty cool.

We had an awesome Christmas, so many blessings that I cannot even remember them all, we went to several churches too and that was special seeing our friends from all over this time of year.

Are you doing anything special for New Years Eve?  I wanted to find a watch night service, but did not find one in our area, I know some in Jacksonville, but that is too far to travel new years eve, too many drunks on the roads, and not wanting to start the new year off in any mishaps. 

So that about does it for now. I pray all who read will have a very blessed new year, and put Christ first and for most in you life all year. May God bless you real good.