Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chuck too this of one of our little fox sparrows so thought I would share with you,
they are fed good here and many gather, we feed our wild birds chicken scratch, it is cheaper and much more nourishing than bird feed, they love it, as the squirrels do.

Every time I say that make me think of Mr. Rogers, anyone remember him?He was on TV daily a kids program, one man you never heard anything bad about, a good simple man who reached
many kids.
Any how, that is why I said that, and it being a beautiful sunny day, it is gorgeous outside, from looking out the window, it is cold in reality though, only a high of 56 today I believe. Still to cold to go fishing, maybe soon, but seems every day sunny and warm enough is on a Sunday, and we sure would never go on the Lord's day, I would be afraid of drowning, or a huge wind coming up and capsizing; lol, he is a jealous God, and we know that, so he would not want us anywhere but at church worshiping him.
Chuck had a good day yesterday, he spent it with our pastor and a missionary planning our visiting program, it will be Saturday at 11 am now, some will still go out Thursday evenings but lord willing many will come out on Saturday. We made out some new flyers to hand out, people like getting things and we are ordering new testaments to make some door hanger items. Everyone is getting excited about this, and it is doing good for Chuck, that is where his real burden is, always has been, so this ministry is perfect for him.

So what is new in your area now, so many are so busy these days, and not here much, so when you come share with us. I love each of you and so want God's richest blessings upon you. So pray one for another. and God bless you.

We had a awesome Monday, got to go to the store and spend lots of money, Chuck got a hair cut instead of a dog tag, and we just had a good time together, we do not do many exciting things any more, but our time spent together is good, and we still laugh a lot. I think that is important, be able to laugh at yourself especially, and we do some silly things we laugh about. God has blessed us with a simple life, and being able to serve him is our goal, we love the lord, we love each other, we love our family and friends, and thank God every day for everyone in our life.

We have bad days we have good days, but we always praise God for each day.
Have a blessed day, remember Jesus loves you, and so do I.
Psalm 5:11
But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.