Friday, April 29, 2016


Everywhere you look there are flowers blooming they are simply beautiful.  God certainly give me more beauty to see than I can even take in. From the ones we planted to all the wild ones, like Honeysuckle, and Clematis, wild Jasmine.
Then the ones I planted, the rose bushes, the daffodils, the Amaryllis, Clivia, lily of the valley. Wow I did not realize we did have so many, going to post a few here. So enjoy my view from wonderful Coastal Southern Georgia.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these as much as I do, I look out my windows and see Hummingbirds and all sort of birds in the feeders, and all these flowers around me, I am blessed. 
Have a very blessed weekend.



Mary Hutchins said...

Beautiful pics, I enjoyed them - God's beauty is awesome!

Blessed Homemaking said...

Oh, wow. Those are just so beautiful, Barbara! We don't have a lot of flowers blooming in our yard, so I sure appreciate seeing these! I hope you are doing well!

Barbara said...

Glad you enjoyed seeing them