Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Wow it is Spring and everything is all fresh and new, we have did much work here at home and in church services.  "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding". Proverbs 3:13

We ripped up all our carpet in the living room and hall, replaced it with a hardwood floor, it is so beautiful, and so easy to use a swifter on, no fuss no muss.

We had a food drive at our church and two precious men accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour, that is what the goal in all we do is, bringing souls to Christ, it is why he saved us, and left us here on earth, to tell others just how we were saved.

Well we have number 12 great grand child to brag about, here is Christian Jamar Lewis
born to Reshell and Christopher Lewis on April 2nd, 2016... 6lbs 3oz.

Everything is going well, we have a few leads on the men that killed our son, they will be caught soon, and with sweet relief to his family. The family is all doing good, trusting the lord for our strength and comfort, I have spurts of sorrow, but changes to sweet memories and looking forward to seeing him again, my 3 child Jack Lee Harris, he was a jewel in my purse of children.

Well that about catches me up, hope to post more often, and to read more too, I tell you Facebook spoils us. So til next time, be blessed and do be a blessing.