Thursday, March 16, 2017


Good morning on this cold cold morning, our Spring has turned to winter again, it was 29 degrees when I got up at 9 am yeah, the cold front came low, way down to Ocala, FL A friend lives in Bradenton, FL and it was 49 there. I thought winter was over, but.... 
It is nice and warm in here, and we left the water running so water did not freeze, it is 11 o'clock now and almost 45 so warming nicely, will get in the 70's tomorrow, and this will probably be our last cold freeze. I sure hope.
My rose buds look wilted and my banana trees are brown now, ugh, all the early blossoms have ruined.

God has blessed us so much, giving us such a nice home, to keep warm and all the food we can eat, just blesses us over and beyond we could ever want. 

How is your weather? 
How has the lord blessed you this week? 
Share a prayer request with me, I will pray for it.

Keep my friends who are fighting cancer in  your prayers please. Our daughter Vikki, Jennifer, Pat, and Gail. 


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Good Afternoon Mrs. Barbara,

So glad you were able to pick those strawberries before that last frost settled in.

Our Montana prairie winter has been ferocious. We had experienced a gentle cool down through the autumn season and were enjoying temps in the 30's and 40's when, literally, over-night our temps. plunged well below negative 10. Our high temps stayed well below zero through late November all the way into mid February. The winds were astonishing, 15mph on calm days and 45+ on bad days. Adding those high winds to our below zero temps. our daytime highs felt like -28 and our nighttime lows averaged -40+. We finally got an unseasonable break in mid-February right when we usually have our coldest and worst weather. When the cold returned it was more in line with seasonal normal ... late winter/early spring lows of temps in the teens and twenties. March has brought the usual return of spring winds out of the south, which is gradually warming things up. Today our daytime temps. are in the mid-40's with sustained winds at 18mph and gusts up to 25mph .... completely normal for March on the Montana prairie. It is such a welcomed relief after the brutal winter we just went through.


Theresa said...

It's been cold here too but really nice today! I am thankful for SO much and SO many loved ones healed by our Lord and Savior! Have a blessed evening and I will pray for those on your list! HUGS!