Monday, May 18, 2009

I Have Been All Tied Up For Days Now...
So much been going on, and we live a very busy life, with church, family, and tasks at hand it is a good and very full life. But you know some times we think there just is not enough time in one day to accomplish all we need to. Most of my days are like that, but God sifts through all the unimportant stuff and seems to have a way of putting my agenda in a perfect order for me, so I do get most done that is needed. The weather is gloomy here, but praise God the Son still shines down upon me, and even through the rain drops, and cold air he warms my soul, and keeps my heart leaning toward him, what an awesome God I serve, I shudder to think of what life would be without him, I know that will never happen though, he told me in his precious word that he would never leave me or forsake me. I am not sure how many are reading this blog, but whom ever does I ask you to pray for my dear friend Pat tomorrow, she is having surgery, she was diagnosed with breast cancer about 6 months ago, she went through Chemo therapy and now it is time to see inside, the MRI said there in no cancer, and that is what we are praying for tomorrow, when they look inside, they will just remove the scar tissue, and there will be no signs of cancer there or any where else. Pray this with me please, and I know the Lord has brought her through all this, and it will be such a tremendous testimony to him when it is all over, and others see the way he worked in this physical problem, but we all know nothing is too hard for our God almighty to take care of, let it be a good lesson for us all, and let us see him in the perspective he is, Omniscience, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and all caring for his own, God bless you reader, and God bless my dear friend tomorrow in her time of trial. Thank You Lord for all you will do, in her, and through her.


Khris said...

I will be standing with you in prayer for Pat. Let us know when you hear something. God bless you.

Rebecca said...

I prayed for Pat when I read your blog tonight.
God Bless.