Monday, July 13, 2009

My Comings and Going this Monday

We had a very busy day, we left early for Jacksonville, FL and spent the day there.
We go the Vets there because it is so much cheaper than here in GA, we got the two dogs heart worm medicines.
We stopped by the Bible Book store, and I got a new Bible, long overdue, my last one is not that old, it is the KJV Open Bible, one of the greatest study bibles I have ever owned, but the pages started falling out, they are not made the way they used to be for sure, but then is anything? I really did not like to be at church and flipping the pages and them falling out, picture that, and it will make you smile.
We went to a fun place called Shep's, it is a surplus store, and has everything from soup to nuts, lol literally, we bought a few things there too, then we went and ate, at a favorite place called Famous Amos, it has good down home cooking, and we used to go there all the time when we lived in Florida. Living in Georgia now we have not found anything to compare to our places there. So even though it is over an hours drive we still go frequently to buy some items there.
Many of our family lives there too, and most all our friends.
We stopped on the way home to visit a friend there, and they were home, and we had a sweet time of fellowship with them. They are a couple who went to our church when we were in Florida, where my DH will preach a homecoming in August too.
So after that we left for home, and was glad to get here, we ran into some rain, and that cooled it off, but it is still a very long drive when you get tired. So that is how we spent our day, and tomorrow is doctor's appointments, and we will run again. I guess that is what keeps us young and moving.
Sooooooooooo Iam gonna close this off for tonight, and hope to see you tomorrow, I will try and add a new recipe tomorrow for y'all. Now you have a good night, and God bless Y'All where ever you are, and what ever you do may God take care of you.

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Mocha Momma said...

Busy day, but sounds productive. Hope your week goes well,