Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 Days and Counting

Christmas is over, and things getting back to normal once again, I keep getting things in the mail, I just love the gifts that friends have sent, such a special touch this week. Yesterday a dear friend from Canada sent this to me, it holds almost everything Avon makes, such a delight, it was such fun opening and unwrapping each item, It has been a good week.

Then today I got this in the mail, my dear husband and I both got lovely scarfs from a friend in Az.

Only 3 more days til the new year, do you have any plans for New Year's Eve, or the New Year Day? I am not sure about Eve, but News Years Day we are going over to some friends for a skeet shoot, soap making, and pig roasting, it will be fun, and many from the church are invited too, will be a good way to start off the New Year, with Friends, Hope your day will be a good one what ever you do, tell us your plans. If I do not see you before Have a very happy New Year, God bless you and don't make any commitments you will not keep, just lean on the lord to help in all things.


Sharon said...

Your New Year's Day sounds like a lot of fun! We usually ring in the New Year very quietly at home. :) So hard to believe it will soon be 2010.

Jennifer said...

Wow what great gifts!!! Lucky you;)

Samantha said...

What great goodies to get in the mail.
Happy New Year dear Barbara !

Anonymous said...

What a blessing. I love to check the mailbox. FUN FUN FUN.

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Stop by.
Love you sis.