Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good Eating Here Now

A Friend and his son were in our woods out back last night, we heard a shot, about an hour later here they come dragging this big boy.. Gonna have some good sausage from him, I have never ate any other of the meat so not sure if I would like it or not, I do not like any wild tasting food, may will try. Isn't he a specimen of a wild hog, and our friend said he is a smaller one.


Sandra said...

Oh he'll be good. We have gotten many a wild hog and taken them to be made into sausage and made them into it ourselves. It's just as good as the bought sausage.

Grammy Blick said...

My son-in-law says cook low and slow, with onions and tomatoes and you can't go wrong. Would make great pulled pork, too.