Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday


"And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing." (Ezekiel 34:26)
I just love blessings, don't you, and I always want them to come down in showers, not in spurts or in drops but in showers, I love it when God rains down blessings on me. This verse provided the inspiration for the old gospel hymn "Showers of Blessing." While it applies specifically to Israel, it states a divine principle which believers of all times have rightly appropriated to their own lives. The same word ("showers") is also frequently translated "rain," speaking of the rain which followed Elijah's contest with the prophets of Baal at the end of the three-year drought. "And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain" (1 Kings 18:41).
I count my friends the greatest blessings God has ever given, in my years of life, I have seen many blessings in all shapes and forms. Some I have since Grade school, some more recent. We just cannot go without friends, they are a need for the human spirit.
I remember one time when we were first married, we had this old car that always broke down, well it always seemed to break down at a light, I would slow and stop for a red light, and then the car would not start again, but God always had someone there to help, in our darkest moments he always sends a light.
Today is Thankful Thursday, how many things can you say you are thankful for? WOW I can think of so many right off the top of my head I could not write them all down.
But today I am thankful for my friends, I have several really good friends, that are always there, they always pray for me, and I know I can count on them, I say that is one shower of blessings indeed. If you have one good friend you can trust it is a blessing, but to have several, that is from God.
I am going today to have an injection of Steroids put in a Cyst behind my knee, I have been fighting this painful battle for weeks now, and finally know what the culprit is that is causing all my pain. So if you would pray for me, and that this pain will go away, the shot will shrink the cyst and I can get on with my every day living, and doing all the things I love doing. I am so thankful that God is with me every way, and that he has gotten through this time of pain and I can still say, I trust in you Lord, and I know you have my life, my health all of me in your mighty hands, and can care for me so much better than anyone else. Thank you Lord.


Sandy said...

I will surely be praying for
you, Barbara. Let us all know
how it goes. Okay?
Bless you,

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh Barbara!~thank you for commenting on my blog so that I might find YOU! You are such a blessing. How did you find me?
I will pray for you today. I want to share something with you... My husband was lifeflighted in 2005 w/a bleeding ulcer and other stuff, it was BAD! Long and short, both his carotid arteries have been 100% closed since then and he's only living on vetebral blood flow. He also had PAD in his legs so those are clogged and the Mayo dr. says probably heart blockages too. He's a walking miracle. GOD is so amazing! HE can do ANYTHING! My husband has something to do that GOD wants him to do and he's living every day being thankful to our Lord. The doctors at Mayo say they've NEVER seen anything like this. In fact, one big high up dr. who is not much older than him who ate everything right, exercised and did all the right stuff passed away this year.. So, you see, God IS IN CONTROL of us... Yes, we need to eat right and do what we can to take care of our bodies that He has given us, but ultimately HE is in control. PRAISE GOD! :)

Barbara said...

Thank you Sandy and Sandra for you prayers, yes dear Sandra he sure is a walking miracle, and such a wonderful testimony for the lord, praise God, he is in control, and he has that mighty hand of healing as no one else can, thank you for sharing this with me, and for coming by my blog too, I pray we will be come great friends. Hugs Barbara

Jasmine said...

Barbara, you bet I will be praying for you. Praise God you know what is it that is causing the pain and can treat it.

God is so good.

You have been a constant encouragement to me at FAR. Thank you for passing by.

Much blessings.

Jan said...

Yes, Barbara, friends are so important, and it is so sad when we hear someone say they have no friends. We all love Blessings too, there are no coincidences in God.
Thankful you have found the cause of your pain, an praying you will be back to normal soon.
With love and blessings - Jan

Dee said...

Barbara...I am Praying and believing! Friends truly arre a gift to cherish.I have been blessed with many friends from my school years and with new friends from my adult years. And a best friend.. so dear to my heart ..that I have known for near 50 years. I pray your next post will say you are pain free and that you have new friends to your blog.

Kateri said...

That is a beautiful scripture verse!

Glennis said...

Showers of blessings are really great. I trust that your knee pain is now seriously reduced.

A Gardner's Cottage said...


I love this verse! Isn't God good to shower us with His blessings. Like you, I don't think I could write down all my blessings but I can tell you I feel so privledged to lift you up in prayer. I so believe in the power of prayer! Take care and let us know how things go.


Aliene said...

Glad you wrote about all you showers of blessings! We so often are content with dew drops when it is showers we need. Pray your knee is better. Prayers