Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oh This Aroma is Driving me to Hungry

Giggles, I have a Sirloin Roast in my electric fry pan, and the aroma is so good, could eat a whole cow my stomach feels like, although I had a banana and a slice of toast for breakfast, I am ready, I have not been eating much so I know after a few bites I will be full, but that is okay, the taste will be scrumptious; I will put some potatoes and carrots in after it cooks a long time.
I have been busy this morning, honey is gone on visitation, and I did my exercies alone, but did extra too, then I have did 3 loads of laundry, and put dinner on to cook.

Now I am on the computer catching up, then off in a bit for a nap, whew I am tired too, my steri strips are falling off, and I have some redness in my flesh under then, it does not look like infection, more like proud flesh, I will watch it closely though.

The photo up above is our front porch, and the pumpkin man my dh filled with leaves, lol I am posting the beautiful mums here too, so you see them good.

It was 40° on my back porch this morning, now it about 79° so warming nicely, when I first got up, I did turn the furnace on for a few minutes to take the chill out, very comfortable in here now, nothing going.

Hope you all have a lovely day, and see you later.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Barbara, What time is dinner? I'll be there for that roast!!!!! ha ha

Hope you don't have an infection... BUT--I am glad that you are doing so well.

God Bless You.

Sandra said...

love the plant with the roosters visiting on your porch. smells drive me to hunger to. just reading about smelling them drives me to hunger. but then every thing drives me to hunger. ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, I hope your rest is sound. Your roast sounds so delicious and I love the porch decorated for Autumn. It's beautiful. Hope you continue to improve.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Hey Barbara! Sounds like you are up and at 'em! Cooking dinner was one thing I could not wait to get back to after I had knee surgery! Jest get me back in the kitchen, that's all I wanted!!!
Dinner sounds yum!
I still remember what I fixed the first time I cooked after surgery....Chicken good!

Theresa said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. Love the pumpkin man and mums.

Aliene said...

Sounds like you are doing pretty good, but don't over do. Love the Mums. We had 46 degrees but now it it close to 80. Nice. We did not turn the heat on yet.

Glad you feel like posting again.
Missed you.

Theresa said...

YUMMY, roast is always a winner around my house and I smell it for days after I cook one!

Happy you are feeling like doing a little cooking and a tad of eating!

Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Barbara said...

Oh yeah the dinner was great, and we now have our Thanksgiving Turkey, a friend just was in our back acreage and shot a 350 pound Hog and Wonderful Tom Turkey, yeah I am happy. The photos my dh took did not look to too good, rather dark, and he did not take any of the Turkey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,
It is so good to see you and about dear sister. God is so very good. I can smell your supper too.LOL

Ruth said...

It's good to know you are well and enjoying lovely days. Love your autumn decorations, very homey.

God bless you, Barbara.

BECKY said...

Hi Gal! Your dinner sounds yummy! Glad to hear that your recovery is coming along well. My recovery following my happy new year appendectomy was a little slow, but God's grace was more than sufficient.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday! Don't be over-doing, ok? Let that body heal!

Your mums are so lovely...just like you! :)

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Barbara, I can almost smell your roast over here, sounds delicious!! And I love your pumpkin man out front. What a cutie he is! Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Belinda Jo Adams said...

Hello, I like your pumpkin man. and the flowers are beautiful.

Nezzy said...

You take care girl and don't overdue.

I love the way a pot roast smells up the house but for some silly reason I just can't seem to get through that smell without whippin' up a batch of homemade hot rolls. I can't help myself...I have no self control!!! Heeehehehe

I pray what you see is not infection and that your recovery is complete and speedy!

God bless ya and have a beautiful 'fall' day sweetie.

I'm just tryin' to get into the swing again...lost my daddy. It'll be two weeks Wed. I did get to travel down to Brownsville to spend some time with him.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

can i come over for some roast and carrots?? you made me so hungry reading this!

Jean Tuthill said...

Oh, I just love the smell of food cooking. I posted the Apple Crisp recipe and I left a link to your blog...because you asked for the recipe. I hope you like this...and this is another one that smells so good! Thanks for coming by.

Goose Hill Farm said...

Hi, Barbara~

So glad to hear that you are doing well. Your dinner sounds amazing!
I love the way the house smells when I am baking or when dinner's in the crockpot and it has been simmering all day....YUMMM!

It has been chilly here at night but warms up in the day. Gotta love fall!


Dee said...

I love that it is roast and soup season. Your mums are very pretty.It sems like the mums are vibrant in color this year. I am glad you are doing better..keep it up. :)

Rebecca said...

I love how you share the simple life experiences you have. Thanks for sharing them with us. Those moments are what matter the most.