Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whachadoin' Wednesday

Outside my window............Sun is shining, and it is cool
I am thinking.................of my Thanksgiving feast and what I have to do yet.
I am thankful for.............for all the blessings from on high, God has been so good.

From the kitchen........the smell of coffee, yeah we are drinking coffee today

I am nightgown, robe and slippers.

I am first Thanksgiving and how proud I was of my Turkey, I have a photo some where I look about 10, giggles grin from eat to ear.

I am finish my laundry today, and make Spaghetti for dinner.

I am reading.........a book about King David, an old historical book I picked up at a yard sale.

I am hoping............and praying that God will bless this new little church, and that he will grow a good work there in Kingsland, GA.
Earlier this morning When we put our chickens up last night one was missing, we looked all around the yard and she was no where in sight. I was sick, this was Esther my favorite hen, and she is my bold one too. Well this morning I was awaken by a loud clucking, it was Esther on my back porch, LOL not a clue where she spent the night but she was ready to join her sister hens, I grabbed the feed can and she followed me straightway to her pen, I opened her door and she went right in with glee, when I left out back they all were happy hens clucking and eating the food I had given.

When I come inside I had dogs to feed, and coffee to make, we I am tried already, and my day has just begun.

Oh pray for my dh, he is preaching tonight at the church he is going to Pastor, not sure if I told you or not, but Sunday he will begin to be Pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church. The pastor that is there now called yesterday sick, so wanted him to come tonight, soooooooo we are at another church now, and pray God will bless and lead and help us to grow this church.

How to Make a Nut Wreath

Decorate for the holidays this season with this festive homemade nut wreath! A wide variety of nuts is sold at holiday time. Fashion them into this charming decoration especially suitable for Thanksgiving.

Materials needed:

1 straw or grapevine wreath form (10 to 12 inches)
an assortment of unshelled walnuts, chestnuts, filberts (hazelnuts), almonds, and brazil nuts
acrylic varnish
glue gun
pine sprigs, ivy, or small grape leaves (optional)


To give the wreath a special sheen, paint the filberts and chestnuts with varnish and set them on a wire rack to dry.

Attach a loop of wire to the back of the wreath form for hanging it when complete.

Glue on the nuts, working slowly around the wreath, making sure they are all secured. Start with the largest nuts—walnuts, chestnuts, and Brazil nuts, and use the smaller filberts and almonds to fill in around them.

Using a glue gun, attach the greens or leaves to the wreath form in between the nuts.

Tie the ribbon into a bow and secure it to the wreath with glue or wire.



Sandra said...

I had my coffee at 4, 7 and 8 am, we feed the dogs at 3PM, old habit from when we both worked.
I just had to turn the AC on since the house is way to hot for November and for that i say PHOOEY. but i am thankful we have AC. the sun is shining and I am thankful for that also. I love sun.
also I loved this post today. thanks for telling us whatchadoin and sooo glad Esther showed up unharmed. daddy tried to raise chickens to eat when I was 10, every time he killed one of the NAMED chicken PETS we cried. so he got rid of them and bought chickens. he could not understand why we would eat fried chicken but not if it was a PET.

Aliene said...

I had my coffee at 3:30am. I was coughing and could not sleep so I made coffee and went in the other bedroom and read so my husband could sleep.
No, you did not tell us your husband was going to pastor again. I am glad for I know when a man is called of God ~he wants to preach. We will pray God will bless you both and the church.

Theresa said...

Barbara, how is your knee doing? My mom is going for knee replacement surgery on Monday.

Sharon said...

Prayers for your husband at his new church service.
I thought that nut wreath was cute thanks for giving us the directions.
Glad to hear the Esther showed up unharmed.
Have a Happy wednesday

Ruth said...

Praying for your husband!

Barbara said...

theresa my knee is doing very well, I am almost off pain meds now, and this is 2:06 and I have not had one pill today, Praise God, but when I do hurt I still do take one. I will take one tonight before we go to church incase I do start hurting, not wanting to be uncomfortable sitting.
All is well, and it is healing very nicely, not too bad of a scar, and being I only wear dresses and skirts no one will see it any way. thanks for asking sister.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Barbara, Glad Esther showed back up unharmed. Glad your knee is doing so well.. Praise God for that.

Prayers for your hubby and the new church.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting my blog today. It was nice to "see" you there. :)

I like your "Whachadoin' Wednesday." It's similar to the Simple Woman's Daybook, but I like how you show your unique flair to it. :)

I'm glad you found Esther. I don't know much about chickens, but it sounds like she is happy to be with her other hen buddies. :)

I pray that your husband's sermon at church will go well too.


-Lady Rose

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hello Mrs. Barbara,

Just a quick note to let you know I am so often blessed by your words. Thank you for being such a dear sister in Christ and sharing your heart with all of us others out here in blogland.

BTW, your gardening lady with your photo on the face is ADORABLE - I LOVE IT!


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Fun post~
I love your signature picture~so cute!
I am getting ready to board ~I will be having lunch with Boston.
Have a great day!